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Samu Haber (Sunrise Avenue): The Singer’s Fortune

How much money does Samu Haber have?

The singer could never have dreamed that Samu Haber would really take off on German TV. The fact that the Finnish rock band “Sunrise Avenue” was able to celebrate such great successes outside of their home country is a small sensation in itself. The boys’ album from 2017 was even more successful in Germany, Austria and Switzerland than in Finland itself. While “Heartbreak Century” was able to secure the pole in the German charts and at least number 2 in Austria and Switzerland, it was enough in Finland only for fourth place. This may also be due to the fact that the lead singer of the band is extremely popular, especially in German-speaking countries, thanks to his many appearances on TV. His bandmates could also benefit from this. The cherished Samu Haber’s assets amount to 17.5 million euros.

Samu Haber on German television

Samu Haber's salary
In 2013 the rocking singers on “The Voice of Germany” as coach first appearance. For having only had two weeks to polish up his German skills, Samu did very well. In 2014, 2016 and 2017, the audience favorite made it into the jury of the successful German TV format. In 2015, however, he took part in a different music format on TV. Samu Haber appeared as a consultant for “Die Band”, a ProSieben casting show. In the meantime he was even granted a solo hit in his home country Finland. He covered the song “Satunprinessa,” which in the original was done by Tiktak. So it will be interesting to see how Samu Haber will appear in Germany in the future.

About the life of the German-Finnish musician

There is a good reason why Samu Haber chose Germany as an important cradle of his career. After all, the talented musician’s father is German himself. However, Samu was born in Helsinki. In addition, the artist continues to live there. In his youth Samu Haber started as a guitarist. He is now engaged to the model Vivianne Raudsepp. He had been in a relationship with his Finnish fiancée since 2010. Musically Samu Haber was particularly inspired by American rock bands, including Bon Jovi in ​​particular. It was this band that made Samu’s passion for music grow in him.

Sunrise Avenue fees
In Germany in particular, Samu Haber and his band Sunrise Avenue have garnered numerous nominations for some of the most prestigious music prizes of all. The band was nominated for the ECHO in the category “Group Rock / Pop International” not only in 2012, but also in 2014, 2015 and 2016. The band’s first ECHO nomination was back in 2008. At that time, however, it was still in the “Best International Rock Band.”

However, the boys were able to secure their first music prize in their home country Finland. They received the Emma Award, which is considered the highest music prize in Finland. The musicians received this award in the category “Best Newcomer Band in Finland” in 2007. The Sold Out Awards for the Unholy Ground Tour (2014) and the Sunrise Avenue Tour 2015 certainly make the boys very proud. Sunrise Avenue will continue to win many prizes and accompany us with their great music. We can be curious which albums and concert tours await us in the future.

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