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Sandra Zouma


Sandra Zouma was born in France. She is a philanthropist and the wife of a famous football player, Kurt Zouma. Sandra Zouma has a large social media following, with more than 18,000 followers on Instagram. She is not well-known for her public appearances, but she uses her platform to raise awareness for social causes.

Controversial Video

Sandra Zouma and her husband Kurt Zouma were married in 2012 and are devout Muslims. They have three children together. Sandra Zouma has been the subject of a controversial video in which she was caught kicking a Bengal cat. This video was later removed by YouTube. It was subsequently viewed over a billion times and is now considered a shocking depiction of animal abuse.

Net Worth

Sandra Zouma was born in 1992 and is of French nationality. She has not disclosed her parents or siblings’ identities. Her net worth is unknown but is expected to be close to $1 million. Sandra Zouma is a project manager at the charity organization Seed. Her net worth is unknown but is expected to rise as she continues to help the less fortunate.

Lavish Wedding

Sandra Zouma married Kurt Zouma in 2012. Their lavish wedding was attended by many famous people. The couple has two sons and two daughters. The eldest child is Shanna Zouma, who is also a model. The couple has four other children together. These include Ryan, Kais, and Sanaa. Despite the fact that Sandra Zouma is famous for her modeling career, she also is a mother.

Stable Relationship 

Sandra Zouma is the wife of Kurt Zouma, a center back for the English Premier League. The couple met while Kurt was in high school. Their relationship is very stable, and the couple has three children together. Sandra Zouma prefers to maintain a low profile on social media. But she is known for her philanthropy, and her love for children.

Destiny brought them together

The couple met in France as teenagers, but didn’t fall in love at first. But destiny brought them together and they started dating. Kurt’s wife has been by his side through every curve in his life. She is his best friend, and she is his biggest supporter.

Husband Bio

Kurt Zouma is a former Chelsea defender. He stands at six feet three inches tall, and his body weight of 95kg gives him the edge when tackling strikers. Sandra Zouma has been married to Kurt Zouma since 2012. Sandra Zouma is an amazing mother to their two kids and a supportive wife to her husband. A marriage of this caliber is a rare gift.


Zouma began his career with Saint-Etienne at the age of 16, where he won the Coupe de la Ligue and made her first senior debut. The following season, she joined Everton and played for the club’s first team. She is a versatile player who can play multiple positions, including midfielder.

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