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Scotty Kilmer Passed Away


The Internet is abuzz over a YouTuber who was supposed to have died at age 68. The popular video maker was a car technician and had over five million subscribers on his official channel. He was also an author and had written a book on buying used cars in 1994. Many of his videos were about cars and he had a huge fan base.


Scotty Kilmer was born on October 2, 1953, in Niagara Falls, New York. He married Leslie Kilmer, a teacher, in 1979. The two of them have two sons, Riley and Wyeth. The oldest son, Wyeth, is a member of the US military.

YouTube Channel 

After winning the Emmy for Interactive Car Talk Host in 2004, Kilmer launched a YouTube channel, which bears his name. He started posting funny car videos, and then moved to sharing car repair tips. His videos on YouTube have received over 504 million views. Many of his fans are saddened by his passing.

Degree in Anthropology

Scotty Kilmer was an auto mechanic and YouTuber. He moved to Houston when he was 23 years old. He later enrolled at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he earned his master’s degree in anthropology. His father owned a Texaco gas station, and he learned how to repair cars from his grandfather when he was just fourteen years old. It is not yet known whether his mother was a mechanic or not.


 He was an auto mechanic and published “Everyone’s Guide To Buying a Used Car.” He also hosted a popular television show on CBS, “Crank It Up.” The show won him an Emmy Award for Best Show Host.

Estimated Net Worth 

The rumors of his death were not confirmed, but Scotty Kilmer’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. He has a successful auto repair business and a large number of followers on YouTube. He was once a family man, and he had two sons. His YouTube channel has more than five million subscribers. Known for his videos about cars and the importance of car care, Scotty Kilmer has built a fortune over the years.

Death of Scotty Kilmer

The death of Scotty Kilmer has been a shock for the entertainment industry. He was a YouTube personality, author, and television host. His videos have garnered more than a billion views. He was born in Niagara Falls, New York and had an interest in cars since an early age. He started working on cars when he was 14. He went on to study at York University, earning a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. He later stopped his doctoral studies after his wife became pregnant.

New Car

In a recent YouTube video, Scotty Kilmer discussed a new car that his son had recently purchased. He also explained the specifications of the car to his audience. Many fans of his videos and the YouTube channel have expressed their condolences on social media. Scotty Kilmer married Leslie Kilmer in 1979, and they had two sons, Riley and Wyeth. He lives in Clarksville, Tennessee, near his grandchildren.

Growing Popularity 

Scotty Kilmer was an avid motorcyclist and YouTube star. He also hosted two live podcasts on AutoMaven. His popularity grew as a result of his frequent postings on the Internet. His net worth is estimated at $10 million. The show Crank it Up with Scotty aired on KHOU in 1994.

Posted about Illness

Scotty Kilmer’s death has caused many rumors online. Although he had posted a video about his illness in 2017, there have been rumors of his death. Some of these rumors are fabricated, though. It’s possible that Scotty Kilmer will still be among the most popular YouTubers in 2021 or 2022.


His YouTube videos have been viewed over 2 million times. He had many subscribers and even dedicated a video to John Haynes, the creator of the Haynes Manuals. Kilmer was a car mechanic who had been fixing cars before the Internet existed. His videos will be missed by millions of people.

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