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SEAN GARCIA was born on October 24, 2000, in Victorville, California. His parents are Henry and Lisa Garcia. His siblings include three sisters and one brother, Ryan, who is a popular professional boxer and holds the WBC interim lightweight title. The talented athlete began his career at an early age, but his educational qualifications are unknown. He has not yet shared his educational background. However, he has been spotted with several other women and has been involved in several relationships.

Sean Garcia’s birthday is February 11, and he is the youngest person to ever be born under this zodiac sign. Despite his young age, he still has a healthy body. His height is good and his body measurements are respectable. His weight is also in good shape. A recent article in the New York Times suggested that Garcia is single, but he is likely dating someone secretly. He has a growing following on Instagram and is known as “Candy Fire” on there.

Besides his professional career, Sean Garcia’s personal life is equally exciting. He keeps his 230k Instagram followers updated by sharing updates about his life. The boxer has not revealed information about his girlfriend on his social media accounts. He is currently single and does not have any known girlfriend as of this writing, but there is always a possibility that he is dating someone. So, if you’re curious about his love life, here’s your chance to find out.

The middleweight boxer Sean Garcia’s birthday is October 24, 2000. His father, Henry Garcia, is his trainer. He has a 70,000-follower Instagram account. Currently, Garcia is at the top of the world in boxing, and is known as Sugar Rush. He was the first American to win the Junior Olympic and Prep National Championships and was a world champion at just 17 years old. This is a remarkable achievement.

Social media is the best way to know a person’s personality and where they live. Using social media, Sean Garcia updates his 230k Instagram followers regularly. He is still single, but he does not post any details about his girlfriend. He has not posted any information on his Instagram account about her. It is unclear if he is dating someone. The following are some of the most important things to know about him.

His parents are both trainers. His father is a former boxing fighter. His mother is a nurse and has three sisters. The two brothers are not related. They are both active social media users. His father is a trainer, and Sean has a daughter named Layla Blu. As of 2018, his age is twenty-two years old. While it is possible that he is single, there are no details about his girlfriend.

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