Selena Gomez Villa is on sale for $ 4.5 million

By the age of 23, most students can only pay their rent if they get a roommate. It looks completely different with Selena Gomez. Because the former Disney star is now offering his villa in Calabasas, California for almost $ 4.5 million – a proud sum that Selena has easily earned in her relatively young career. Even as a child, the American beauty stood in front of the camera in the children’s series “Barney & Friends” with the funny, purple dinosaur. Since then she has known every child and now every teen in the USA.

Selena also appeared on Disney Channel during her teenage years and has since released numerous successful films. Selena Gomez pop songs, however, are likely to have put the most money in their coffers. According to the latest estimates, Selena Gomez’s net worth is around 18 million euros. Her villa, which is now for sale, she bought herself two years ago – at that time for a sum of “only” 3.69 million US dollars. Should Selena actually sell her property for a proud $ 4,495 million, she should make a nice profit. After all Their property measures 3.5 hectaresso that one would think that sufficient privacy is provided.

Selling the villa for a new start

Selena Gomez net worth
Many observers cannot understand why the US star is separating from his property after such a short time. But there are solid reasons why Selena simply no longer feels comfortable in her luxurious and beautiful place to stay. A burglar who got into Gomez’s house is now even in jail. In addition, Selana kept making emergency calls because she was Just didn’t feel safe in her home had. No money in the world can provide a feeling of security, so the singer and actress has now decided that it is time for a change of scenery.

Selena leaves behind her dream kitchen, which seems made for a real star chef. The kitchen alone is so big that other people could live in this area with several people. Her bedroom is also more like a large, sumptuous ballroom. Marble and the Jacuzzi in the bathroom invite you to relax. But if the whirlpool is too small for you, you can have fun in the luxurious outdoor pool right under the palm trees. There is also an additional whirlpool there, which is directly connected to the outdoor pool. An entertainment area with BBQ grill and television for the next outdoor Super Bowl party should of course not be missing. For almost 4.5 million US dollars, the new owner of the Selena Gomez Villa can prepare for all imaginable amenities. The TV and pop star has even set up its own cinema room. Since Selena Gomez’s current villa is really hard to beat in terms of luxury, we are very excited to see what kind of high-quality property the young beauty will buy next. Hopefully she can at least relax a little there and finally feel safe again. Maybe she’ll move in with her on / off friend Justin Bieber after all.

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