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Self-improvement writers, please consider writing for us! There are many ways to get published in self-improvement magazines, and this is a good opportunity to start earning. The self-improvement industry is underpaid and underrepresented in the writing community, but there are some ways to increase your exposure. Below are some ideas to consider when considering your article pitch. Read the guidelines to make sure it meets our standards and complies with our style guide.

Real Simple is a popular magazine with an online version. They have several sections, including the Life section, and pay $2 per word for articles. The average length of articles in this section is 1,200 to 1,500 words. For print articles, you will be paid $1.00 per word. You can also get a 25% kill fee. However, don’t expect a huge payout. This is a small amount compared to some other publications.

Experience L!fe is a health and fitness magazine that publishes articles on personal development. They pay $1.00 per word for solicited manuscripts, but do not expect to get rich with this opportunity. The site also requires that you do research. The editor will check to make sure you are eligible for publication. If you think you’re ready to make a decent income as a writer, you can submit your article to them.

Real Simple is another publication that pays writers well. They offer a range of writing opportunities, with a variety of topics to suit the needs of a wide demographic. For example, if you’re interested in self-improvement, you can try the magazine’s Life section. You can write an article about personal development and earn $2.00 per word. The pay for this publication varies, but you’ll probably be paid between $100 and $200. And if you don’t mind research, you should be happy to get paid.

You can also submit your articles to various publications. The Spirituality & Health Magazine is an excellent print magazine with an online version. They have several sections. For your self-improvement articles, focus on the Real Simple Life section. The article length should be about 1,200 to 1,500 words. Depending on the type of publication, the publication may pay you up to $200 for solicited articles. Ensure you research and write for us before submitting your work.

If you want to write for a magazine that publishes stories about self-improvement, Real Simple is one of the best choices. The magazine’s online version is free, so you can work from anywhere. You can write about anything you’re passionate about. If you love to read, Real Simple is the perfect place to get your work published. You can write about anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing about personal development.

If you’re looking for a magazine that publishes articles on health, fitness, and mental health, you can try writing for Experience L!fe. This magazine is a lifestyle magazine aimed at Life Time members, and they publish articles on topics related to health and wellness. You can earn up to $200 for your articles, and you’ll receive frequent feedback from your readers. You can choose which topic to write about and how much you want to earn.

If you’re interested in writing about self-improvement, you can write for Real Simple. This magazine has several sections, and you’ll most likely find your article in the Real Simple Life section. The articles are usually 1,200 to 1,500 words and paid $2 per word for them. Unlike other magazines, you’ll need to research to qualify for a commission, so you’ll need to do some research.

Real Simple is a print magazine that publishes articles related to self-improvement. The magazine has several sections, but you should focus on the Life section for your best work. If you’re interested in writing about health, you should try to write articles for Real Simple. The publication pays $1 per word in print and varies in terms of online submissions. They also offer a 25% kill fee. They pay their writers based on their quality.