Shane Burcaw Net Worth


Shane Burcaw is a disabled person who has amassed a net worth of $1 million USD as of 2022. He makes a great deal of money through his profession as a motivational speaker. Although his net worth is not disclosed, the estimated amount he has earned as of this date is based on his personal assets. Shane lives in the USA with his wife. He has appeared on various television shows such as Bloomberg and The Inside Show.


Initially, his wife Hannah Aylward assumed he was a nurse, but this turned out to be an erroneous rumor. The two eventually got married and are planning on a future with the couple. Shane Burcaw’s wealth is mostly derived from his books and promotional events. He also earns a substantial amount of money from advertising on YouTube and speeches at promotional events.


His net worth is likely to grow as he continues to post content on social media and continues to build his YouTube channel. His wife Hannah Aylward, is also a content creator and runs the YouTube channel Squirmy and Grubs. The couple first met online and have been inseparable ever since. His net worth is estimated to be in the millions by the year 2021.

Born with abnormality 

Shane Burcaw was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. His family had to depend on a car in order to get around. He has struggled through a tough life, but he tries to make the best of it by leaving a legacy for the world before he dies. So, what makes Shane Burcaw net worth so huge? The answer is not easy to answer.

Net worth 

The blogger’s net worth is estimated at about $42 million. According to his website, his net worth has grown by over three times in the last decade. His blog makes him millions of dollars each year. His personal life is kept private. There are no marriages or divorces on record. And his net worth is increasing each year. But, Shane Burcaw has no children. This makes it all the more impressive!

Multi talented personality 

Shane Burcaw is a writer, activist, and advocate for disabled people. He has made a name for himself by writing about his life with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and blogging about it. His efforts have received media attention, and he launched an online campaign to get the attention of Ellen DeGeneres. Shane Burcaw’s charity foundation also provides wheelchairs and other medical equipment to people with spinal muscular atrophy disease.

How they meet

Shane met his wife Hannah Burcaw after she slid into his emails after watching a documentary he starred in. The relationship moved fairly quickly afterwards, with Simon sending his future partner his phone number and the fondness between the pair grew from there.


Author, entrepreneur, award-winning blogger, Emmy-winning producer, and inspirational speaker, Shane Burcaw brings a spirited, humorous approach to everything he does. Born with a progressive neuromuscular disease, Shane has been battling a weakening body since birth.

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