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Siegfried and Roy Tiger attack Actual Video


This Siegfried and Roy tiger attack actual video is circulating all over the internet and social media. The incident occurred during the Mirage’s performance of “Behind the Phantasm.” The two magicians are famous for their amazing tricks with big cats, and the attack actually happened. Siegfried was practicing for a special Mirage Town performance when he was grabbed by a Tiger by the throat. The tiger then dragged him onto the stage and proceeded to climb on top of him. The show went on.

Circus Performers

Siegfried and Roy were circus performers in the early 1900s. They performed with exotic animals for 44 years. For a decade, they performed the same show. Throughout this time, they became so familiar with the animals, which allowed them to imitate their every gesture and word. However, the tiger’s attack almost killed them both. The Emmy-winning director, Steven Leckart, wanted to capture the event on film.

No Discussion with Police

A local crime syndicate and animal rights activists questioned the cause of the attack. Interestingly, Manticore’s handler had gone on stage when he suspected something was wrong prior to the attack, but Siegfried and Roy did not allow the animal handlers to discuss the incident with police. The footage is chilling, but it does not prove the cause of the attack. It is unclear whether the tiger was acting alone or whether it was acting in self-defense.


A documentary on the incident called Siegfried and Roy: Behind the Magic will be aired on ABC in 2019. This documentary will be a great learning tool for anyone interested in the tiger incident. Watch Siegfried and Roy: Behind the Magic on YouTube to learn more about the story behind the story. This program will also provide an insight into how the tiger attacked the duo.

Actual Video Exists 

Siegfried and Roy are well-known magicians from Germany. During one of their shows, they were performing a trick and something went wrong. This part of the show was captured on video and the public was able to see the entire thing. There are a lot of people who have heard of the duo, but most of them do not know that the actual video exists.

They Never Performed Again 

The Mirage closed after the incident, and Siegfried and Roy were not able to continue their show. Although they were not able to return to their normal lives, they were able to recover from the trauma. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and Siegfried’s spokespeople could not give a definitive answer about whether the duo would perform live again. This incident has led to many conspiracy theories about the nature of the tiger attack.

Retirement of Show Tigers

Ringling Brothers owner Kenneth Feld refused to comment on the incident. After the incident, animal rights groups called for the retirement of show tigers. The Animal Welfare Act requires that performers maintain a certain distance between the animals and the audience. Despite this, the Mirage Resort and Casino has refused to release the video of the near-fatal performance.

Popular Show

Siegfried and Roy were a popular circus act that attracted audiences from around the world. It was a show that combined illusions, animals and daredevil theatrics. The show had been on the air for 13 years when the alleged attack occurred. The circus closed the show, which was reportedly the result of the allegations. However, the show still grossed approximately $45 million a year.


Despite its controversial nature, the Siegfried and Roy Tiger Attack Actual Video has received tremendous attention online. While it was not a direct attack on the magician, it affected his speech and motor skills. The entire attack was recorded, but the Phantom refused to share the video with the public.

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