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Silvia Wollny: assets & earnings of the TV family mother

How much money does Silvia Wollny have?

Silvia Wollny is the mother of eleven children and at the same time the head of the Wollny TV family. It has had its own documentary program on RTLZWEI since 2011. There Mama Wollny regularly entertains her fans with funny sayings. In 2018 she was on the show Celebrity Big Brother to see and even won this one. However, she donated the prize money. The cherished Silvia Wollny’s assets are 1.5 million euros.

Silvia Wollny’s sources of income

Income from Silvia Wollny
Silvia Wollny earns her money mainly through the TV fees she receives for participating in the documentary show The Wollnys – an awfully big family receives. According to her ex-husband Dieter, this amounts to to 14,000 euros per episode for the entire family, with which the wealth of the Wollnys is constantly increasing. In addition, Silvia Wollny is used for her appearances in the cooking show Delicious tasters Wollny rewarded. The prize money of 100,000 euros that she received for her victory in 2018 Celebrity Big Brother won, but used them for charity. However, she is said to have already received 65,000 euros for participating in the format.

Silvia Wollny also earns money on Instagram. She has more than 350,000 followers on the platform and regularly advertises various products. According to estimates by social media experts, she receives around 1,000 euros per sponsored contribution. She also generates income from the music she has been releasing since 2012. With this income she can further expand her wealth.

Eleven children in 20 years

Fortune from the Wollnys
After Silvia Wollny graduated from secondary school, she completed an apprenticeship as a hotel manager. In 1984 she gave birth to their first daughter Jessica, followed by son Sascha in 1988. Also in 1988, Silvia Wollny married her partner Dieter, but the marriage was divorced after a few weeks. Even so, the couple stayed together. Patrick was born in 1990 and then Sylvana in 1991. Silvia now took care of the children and the household full-time. Dieter lost a thumb in an accident at work, but it could be sewn on again. Nevertheless, the father of the family had to take early retirement. Silvia also suffered a stroke in 2001 while giving birth to her tenth child, Estefania. In 2004 came Loredana, the eleventh child of Silvia and Dieter Wollny, by caesarean section.

On a nipple by Stefan Raab

In the 2000s, the extended Wollny family was already featured in various TV programs such as Point 12, SAM or We are family! This is how Germany lives to see. On one of these appearances the Editing of TV total attentive. Silvia Wollny calls her children to eat as follows: “Sylvana, Sarafina, Sarah-Jane, Lavinia, Calantha, Estefania, Loredana, Jeremy-Pascaaaal!” The exclamation landed on one of the nipples on the desk of the TV total-Moderator Stefan Raab, with whom this funny video snippets could play, and provided the audience with amusement. This laid the groundwork for Silvia Wollny’s fame and fortune today.

Start of your own documentary show The Wollnys

Merit of Silvia Wollny
The increased attention led to the Wollnys receiving their own documentary program on RTL II (today: RTLZWEI) in 2011. for The Wollnys – an awfully big family Since then, Silvia and her extended family have been accompanied by cameras. In October 2011, Silvia and Dieter Wollny remarried. Silvia soon developed musical ambitions. The album was released in 2012 Family ties von Die Wollnys, Silvia Wollny released her first single in 2013 I’m me. Since then, at least one more single from the mother of eleven has been released every year.

Family members come and go

Silvia and Dieter Wollny separated again in 2012 – but this time for good. The divorce followed in 2014, since then Silvia has been with Harald Elsenbast. The first edition of the Cooking show Delicious tasters Wollny on RTLZWEI. In it, Silvia Wollny has to prepare a three-course menu from ingredients for a maximum of five euros per portion. In August 2018, she participated in the sixth season of Celebrity Big Brother part and won this too. In January 2021, the now 13th season of The Wollnys – an awfully big family at the start. Some of Silvia Wollny’s children have since withdrawn from the public and are therefore not on the TV show. In return, sons-in-law and grandchildren expand the television family. It won’t get boring with the Wollnys and their fortunes will continue to grow with each new TV episode.

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