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Sophia Marie Lemonis, 78, died on June 29th of cancer. She fought this disease for many years and was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2003. She was the beloved wife of Leo for over 50 years. She was the mother of Marcus Anthony, daughter of Shakery Thomas and Anthony Thomas (Donna). She was an aunt to many and will be missed by her friends and family. This page is dedicated to her memory.

Marcus Anthony Lemonis was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He was adopted by Sophia and Leo Lemonis and raised in Miami, Florida. His parents are Lebanese and Greek. His adoption led him to success in philanthropy, politics, and business. He is currently the chairman and CEO of Good Sam Enterprises and Camping World. His family also owns Gander Outdoors, a leading outdoor gear company.

The Lemonis family has several children, Marcus Anthony and Sophia. His mother was a Lebanese immigrant who moved to Miami to study medicine. Her father, Anthony Abraham, had a successful automotive business and developed the pin-to and Ford Mustang. After forming an alliance with George W. Bush, he moved on to politics and eventually into investing and entrepreneurship. He and his wife Sophia started a holiday RV series, “Holiday RV Superstores”. The company went under in 2003 and is still operational.

Marcus Anthony Lemonis was born November 16, 1973. His adoptive parents were Greek and Lebanese. He was adopted by his American mother, Sophia Lemonis, and is the chairman of Good Sam Enterprises. He is also the star of the TV show The Profit. His parents are Lebanese-Syrian and have a combined heritage of Italian and Greek descent. In the 1970s, their father dreamed of building the world’s largest RV series, a television show that helped them make millions. In the 1990s, they set up Holiday RV Superstores, but the company did not last long.

Marcus Anthony Lemonis was born on November 16, 1973. He is a Lebanese-American philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is the chairman of Good Sam Enterprises, the company that sells trailers and travel trailers. He is also the star of the hit TV show The Profit. His parents are a Greek-American couple. Originally, he and his mother lived in Beirut.

Leo and Sophia Lemonis have been married for ten years. They have two children and one daughter. The couple has been adopted by a Lebanese family. After her marriage, they are raising three children. The young son is their second child. They have a son who is adopted from a Greek orphanage. Both of their parents are Greek-American. They adopted their daughter from Beirut in 1982.

Marcus and Sophia Lemonis are philanthropists and businessmen. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but was adopted by a Greek family in Miami. They are Lebanese and Greek, and their family is now based in Florida. They helped several businesses and started a car dealership. So, they have a lot of business in their portfolio and have a good net worth. But it’s not all about making profits. They help companies in a difficult situation.

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