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Special Friends: First Episode Winner, Singers, Dancers, Judges and Radio

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Special Friends: First Episode Winner, Singers, Dancers, Judges and Radio

Special Friends airs starting May 15 for four consecutive Fridays: this edition of Amici is dedicated to singing and dancing professionals. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus health emergency has literally frozen some sectors and has also slowed down the world of entertainment and art. This special edition is very different from Amici Celebrities (aired in autumn 2019), which saw celebrities from the show try their hand at singing and dancing. Special Friends instead it will have like protagonists of real professionals, both singers and dancers, well-known faces of the entertainment world. The artistic director is Giuliano Peparini accompanied by Alessandra Celentano, and the program lasts four weeks, and always airs on Fridays in prime time

Maria De Flippi firmly also at the helm of this edition, he had to postpone the start of the program for a few weeks: the broadcast of Amici Speciali was in fact scheduled immediately after the end of the evening of Amici 19.

First episode

The first episode of Amici Speciali saw the competitors divided into two teams

  • White Team: Michele Bravi, Giordana Angi, Gaia Gozzi and Random for singing, Andreas Muller and Alessio Gaudino for dancing
  • Blue team: Kolors, Irama and Alberto Urso for singing, Gabriele Esposito, Umberto Gaudino and Javier Rojas for dancing

The two teams competed in three heats, at the end of each round a competitor of the winning team was elected as “the champion”. At the end of the three heats a challenge between the three champions determined the winner of the episode. It was a triumph Alessio Gaudino, the dancer full of expressiveness and agility that the public has already appreciated as a competitor first and then as a professional in Amici 19 and Amici Celebrities.

Competitors Special Friends

Initially the cast was also to be composed of Enrico Nigiotti, Sebastian Melo Taveira and Vincenzo Di Primo but due to the quarantine that limits movement, the cast has been remodeled. In particular, Enrico Nigiotti declared that he did not participate in the program due to a mourning that hit him hard, and that doesn’t make him be in the right frame of mind to appear on a TV show.


Michele Bravi

Michele Bravi is a singer-songwriter discovered by another successful talent show, such as X-Factor. Michele is also a well-known face of Amici as he covered the role of tutor in the 2017/2018 edition of the talent together with Annalisa and Giovanni Caccamo. This could be an excellent opportunity for the singer to come out of a very bad period not only in his professional life but also in his private life.


Random is a young rapper who is literally climbing the Spotify charts with his song “Chiasso” very popular among young people, who use the song on Tik Tok. Emanuele Caso, this is the real name of the singer Random, depopulated in the world of social media and boasts over 40 million plays on Spotify and over 14 million views on Youtube.

Giordana Angi

Giordana Angi is an Italian-French singer-songwriter, ranked second during the 2018 edition of Amici and winner of the Tim award. In addition, he is fresh from his experience as a white coach at “Friends Celebrities” last year. Will he be able to get on the top step of the podium?

Alberto Urso

Alberto Urso is an opera singer and musician, winner of the 2018 edition of the talent. In addition, Alberto was the coach of the blue team of Amici Celebrities.

The Kolors

The band led by frontman Stash is ready to win a new victory in the program, after that of 2015. Since that date, they have come a long way, including albums, concerts and appearances in Sanremo. Stash he was also a professor of the same school as Amici, while now he is returning as a competitor.

Gaia Gozzi

Gaia Gozzi is the winner of the last edition of friends. Gaia has been able to conquer the public with her rhythmic songs in Portuguese, her mother tongue. He also impressed the jury and social media with his sympathy. Will he be able to win this edition of Amici as well?


Irama after making his debut in Sanremo in the “new proposals” section, conquered the podium of Amici 17 obtaining the hoped-for success and conquering the top of the charts with pieces like “Nera”, “The girl with a tin heart” “Arrogant” etc. . He is currently also involved in the launch of his new song “Mediterranea” which is about to become a new summer hit.


Alessio Gaudino

Alessio Gaudino, said Ale, was a competitor of Amici 15 of the blue team. Before participating in Amici, Alessio participated in Italia’s Got Talent in 2011, and collaborated with various artists and took part in many television programs, such as Miss Italia and X Factor 8.

Gabriele Esposito

The dancer Gabriele Esposito participated in the 2016 edition, the same edition as the dancer Ale. Gabriele, however, was part of the white team, along with Elodie. Gabriele, after his participation as a competitor, became a professional.

Andreas Muller

One of the most loved dancers by the public is undoubtedly the winner of Friends 16, or Andreas Muller. After having participated in the fifteenth edition and having abandoned one step away from the evening due to an injury, Andreas returned in the next edition conquering the highest step of the podium, therefore the one at “Amici Speciali” is in fact his third participation in the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi.

Umberto Gaudino

Umberto Gaudino is a Latin American dancer of the white team of the eighteenth edition of Amici. Umberto was already a professional, for this reason after his elimination he entered directly into the dance troupe of the program.

Javier Rojas

Javier Rojas is a Cuban dancer who won the dance category in the latest edition of Amici, finishing second behind Gaia Gozzi. Remaining in Italy due to the lockdown, he was given the opportunity to participate in “Amici Speciali” where he will have to compete with other dancers of past editions.


The Judges of the program are: Gerry Scotti, Eleonora Abbagnato, Giorgio Panariello And Sabrina Ferilli. To these are added also four representatives of the major Italian radio broadcasters: Alessandro Sansone, Anna Pettinelli, Daniela Cappelletti and Federica Gentile. In this particular edition of Amici the jury carefully examines the competitors, drawing up a general classification that can be overturned or confirmed by televoting. No Elimination, just a lot of talent put on display for four episodes and a final ranking that decides the winner.


Three women and a man representing four Italian radio stations will participate in the four episodes of Amici Speciali, also as judges: Alessandro Sansone for Radio 105, Anna Pettinelli for RDS, Daniela Cappelletti for Radio Italia and Federica Gentile for RTL 102.5 . We are sure that they will act as opinion leaders and that they will add value to the program.


Unlike traditional editions dedicated to young talents who approach the study of dance or singing, the special edition provides for its own general classification without any elimination and the competitors will be examined by an ad hoc jury, by a jury made up of press and televoting experts. So the possibility for the public to vote for their favorite artist has not been taken away.


Special friends will be broadcast in live streaming both on the Witty Tv website and on Mediaset Play. It is therefore possible to see this new version of Maria De Filippi’s program online too, but remember that if you choose Mediaset Play you will have to register for free if you do not already have an account. If instead you see the reruns because you missed it live, remember that the entire episodes of the program are always available on the Mediaset Play and Witty platforms to be reviewed at any time.

Competitors from past editions

A similar edition, called Big friends, took place in 2012, the year in which it triumphed Alessandra Amoroso. This edition in particular was mainly dedicated to the artists who trained in the walls of the school of friends.

The singer Emma was positioned on the second step of the podium. The third place was won by Marco Carta. The other participants of the first edition were Annalisa (fourth), Antonino (Quinto), Pier Davide Carone (Sesto), Valerio Scanu (Settimo), Karima (Ottava), Virginio (Nono).

Although this special edition has met with considerable success, it is not clear why we had to wait 8 years before attending the second edition of Friends dedicated to the Big. In fact, many programs and reality shows also have the variant dedicated to VIPs and this format appeals to viewers. The new edition dedicated to the big names also has many innovations such as dancers, unlike the first similar edition in which they participated only singers. Maria also gave them the opportunity to perform and to excite the public to the sound of dance steps.

Article by Gerardo Attanasio

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