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Who is Stefano Socionovo, Ste of Temptation Island: Age, Work, Marriage

Stefano Socionovo, known as Ste of Temptation Island, is a surveyor originally from Ancona, born in 1991, known to the public for being the boyfriend of the couple Claudia and Ste from Temptation Island 2021.

Who is Stefano Socionovo?

  • First name: Stefano Socionovo
  • Nickname: Ste
  • Date of birth: April 29, 1991 (exclusive info)
  • Age: 30 years
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Profession: Surveyor
  • Birth place: Ancona
  • Height: 175 cm approximately
  • Weight: information not available
  • Tattoos: None visible
  • Official Instagram profile: Stefano has deactivated his Facebook and Instagram profile in view of participating in Temptation Island
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Ste Temptation Island Biography

Stefano Socionovo was born to Ancona under the sign of Taurus. Always linked to his homeland, he has a sister named Anna Maria. Stefano is studying to become a surveyor, and among his passions of all time that for football and in particular the team of his city, the Anconitana. Stefano gets engaged to Claudia at the age of 25 and a half, the relationship is booming and the two plan to get married. After a crisis caused by the covid, they decide to participate in Temptation Island 2021.

Work of Stefano Socionovo

Stefano Socionovo, Ste of Temptation Island, is a surveyor, who has his studio in the center of Ancona. In particular he works as a technical employee in the port system of Ancona as revealed by the Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni magazine. He gets up very early in the morning (at quarter past six) for work and switches off in the evening. Stefano has always been a person concrete and who loves to work. We do not know if the passion for this activity was transmitted to him by his family or if it was a vocation completely born from Stefano.

Claudia and Ste Temptation Island 2021 Who are they Surnames Couple Ages

Girlfriend Claudia

Stefano and Claudia have been engaged for four and a half years. During a football match (both are fans of the Anconitana) he asked her to marry him with a daring statement that left everyone blown away. The September 30th of two thousand and eighteen in fact during the match between Anconitana and the Cantiano, Stefano in the interval between the first and the second half took the microphone declaring his love and making the proposal to Claudia, the music that accompanied Stefano’s romantic request was There is no music by Coez. The friends, who helped him make the proposal, lined up behind him holding signs that made up the words “will you marry me”.

Claudia and Ste Temptation Island

Claudia and Ste participate in Temptation Island 2021 conducted by Filippi Bisciglia as one of the six pairs in the game. Claudia and Ste of Temptation Island went into crisis after the impossibility of celebrating the wedding immediately after Steafano’s declaration. In fact, due to the Covid pandemic, the boys were unable to organize the wedding immediately and in the meantime things between them started to get worse, up to pushing Claudia to write to Temptation Island. In particular Claudia she said she was no longer as safe as before and frightened by the big step. For his part, however, in the presentation video, Stefano confidently confirms his love for his girlfriend and promises to marry her once he leaves the program. In fact, their wedding is already scheduled for early August 2021: Will the couple get married after the program or cancel everything?

  • In the first episode of Temptation Island Stefano is called in Pinnettu immediately after the start of the program. Ste in fact listens to the statements of his girlfriend Claudia totally unexpected: Claudia does not feel listened to, she talks about him who always mumbles and says that sometimes she feels like a stranger in the house with him a few times. At the bonfire, Ste sees Claudia having fun in the company of singles and she starts. In particular it is close to the single Luke. Ste back in the village he vents his anger and disappointment by punching a pillow.
  • In the second episode Stefano is again invited to see another video from the host. Stefano sees a new video in which he sees Claudia confiding in single Luke, while admitting that sex doesn’t go the way it used to be between them. Except that she says that everything has become mechanical between them, and that she would not see herself having a child with him. Stefano confides in Filippo, saying that he is afraid of losing her.
  • The advances of the third episode tell us that the couple formed by Claudia and Ste would be at risk due to a secret meeting, in fact it could be deleted for breaking the rules by meeting outside their respective villages. In fact, a video with some statements from Claudia would have triggered Ste’s reaction. The boy would have burst into tears and vented with the other competitors. Shocked by the images Ste would have evaded surveillance, trying to reach the village of his girlfriends to talk to Claudia.
  • THIRD EPISODE: Ste he lets himself go to a romantic gesture writing a message in the sand: one word only to them “peh” that he writes every night in the sand. The following day in the Pinnettu to hear Claudia his girlfriend talking about the problems of the couple. Stefano sees videos at the bonfire where Claudia jokes and twerks with the single Luke and he realizes he doesn’t recognize his girlfriend. At Claudia’s bonfire she doesn’t see any video of her boyfriend. At Claudia’s bonfire, on the other hand, she does not see any video of Ste. Subsequently Ste returns to the beach to write the usual sentence on the sand but a wave arrives and deletes it immediately. This for Ste is a sign. She then hears Claudia in a new Pinnettu where she says that she felt good when she entered Temptation and thought she felt a lack that she did not feel. Ste for the anger of the phrase “I lived in a corner” punches the bag. Claudia at the bonfire sees a video of Ste, where she talks about her and complains about their relationship where she says she is wrong to close her eyes. She wakes up at ten and likes to relax while he’s always on the run. Ste also bursts into tears and Claudia sees him. He says that he misses the desire to embrace her moments between them, always in tears talking about the shortcomings of both. Claudia is self-critical at these words and realizes that she is not always conciliatory and does not apologize. After these words he is moved and asks for an immediate confrontation bonfire. At the bonfire the two, moved, embrace and stay close. Ste asks for an apology and Claudia promises that she will work to improve. Ste will undertake, for its part, to make you feel more welcomed and listened to. From Temptation Island 2021 the two go out together, more in love than ever.

Social profiles

Stefano has deactivated both the profile Instagram and Facebook just in view of the participation in the Temptation Island 2021 program.


  • Stefano is a sporty guy: he loves the gym and has practiced karate and rugby in the past (exclusive info)

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The video of Claudia and Ste’s presentation at Temptation Island 2021


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