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Steffi Graf: The fortune of the former tennis player

How rich is Steffi Graf?

The fact that Steffi Graf is worth millions is not surprising in view of her impressive sporting achievements. After all, she was able to take home $ 21.9 million in tennis prize money over the course of her career. The beautiful Steffi has also appeared frequently as an advertising face. Marrying a no less wealthy tennis player was just as good for her fortune. Her husband is even richer, Andre Agassi has a fortune of 155,000,000 euros. The cherished Steffi Graf’s assets are 35 million euros.

Income from Steffi Graf
The daughter and son of the it couple from the tennis world do not have to be afraid of having to gnaw on starvation in the near future. Steffi Graf has won the Grand Slam 22 times. She is also sure of another record: Nobody has topped the tennis world rankings for as long as this woman. After all, it was 377 weeks. In addition, there is no other tennis player who has won the Golden Slam so far. Because in 1988 the German not only won all four Grand Slams, but was also successful at the Olympics. One of them really has to imitate her first!

The career of the tennis prodigy

At the tender age of three, the later tennis icon had a racket in hand for the first time. Her father, Peter Graf, who died in 2013, had given his daughter this direction and thus the The foundation stone laid for her subsequent million-dollar career. After the father encouraged his daughter intensively, Steffi was able to win the youngest tournament in Munich at the age of only five. A few years later, Peter Graf even went so far that he gave up his previous career entirely in order to be able to concentrate fully on Steffi’s tennis career.

Assets of Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi
In 1981, at the age of only eleven, Steffi Graf competed in the German indoor championship for adult tennis women and fought a tough battle with Eva Pfaff. At that time Eva was in 80th place in the world rankings. Nevertheless, she managed to emerge victorious only after three tough sets against the young Steffi. The title “wonder child“Steffi Graf had gotten out of the press by then at the latest. At the age of only 13, Steffi was able to win the youth championships for 18-year-olds. It wasn’t until 1987 that history went down as the year of their breakthrough.

Many victories for the German tennis player

At this point in time, Steffi was finally able to secure the pole position in the tennis world rankings. Many more victories were to follow. After all, Steffi was downright dominant from 1988 to 1990. Their Golden Slam also falls into this era. Still, her career has not always been rosy. Steffi Graf also had to post a tax scandal on her account. In 1999 she celebrated her comeback and officially ended her career. In the same year she also managed to become now Germany’s sportswoman of the year for the fifth time to secure.

Steffi Graf married the successful American tennis player Andre Agassi in 2011. The two of them have a son and a daughter together. Steffi Graf now lives with her family in Las Vegas.

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