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You’ve probably wondered about Steve Bakunas age. He’s a famous actor who’s married to Linda Lavin. Born on October 15, 1937, he’s currently 51 years old. The actor has a large fan base online. His Facebook page is followed by millions of fans, and he is married to Linda Lavin. He’s a very popular figure in the entertainment industry.

Besides being an actor and a musician, Steve Bakunas also has other interests that make him one of the most popular television personalities. He’s a philanthropist and a world traveler. He and his wife have a beautiful home in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The couple met while they were in the circus. He has four children with Linda Lavin, who is 20 years his junior.

He and Linda Lavin are married after dating for fifteen years. The couple met on the set of Netflix’s “Santa Clarita Diet” season three. The two have five children together and have a net worth of $ million. He’s also a philanthropist. His wife’s name is Linda Lavin. Their children are named Gael, and he’s also an actor, writer, and musician.

Aside from his wife, Steve Bakunas’ age is a key element to his success as a comedy actor. Despite his age, he’s married to the actress Linda Lavin. During their relationship, she played an active role in the lives of her stepchildren, and they were a part of “The Santa Clarita Diet” season 3 premiere. The couple is 20 years younger than Linda Lavin, and she is also a mom to two of his stepchildren.

Steve and Linda Lavin were married for 15 years. The couple’s relationship was rocky at times, but they remained in love for the rest of their lives. They even attended the season 3 premiere of Netflix’s ‘Santa Clarita Diet’. The couple is now a family of two. The star has three children. The mother is a divorced mom. He has two children.

Steve and Linda Lavin were married for 15 years. They had a son, Steven, who is 20 years older than the actress. Their daughter, Sophia, is a model, and their daughter, Anna is an actress. During their marriage, the two had a daughter, who is now a TV star. The book was published in February 2015. The author’s biography contains information about his children and family.

The couple married in 2005. After the wedding, they had two children. Later, they continued acting on stage and in movies. In addition to acting in Broadway, both of them stayed in New York. They also had children. They moved in with each other in 1959. During the funeral, they interviewed each other. In the following interview, they discussed the couple’s relationship and their children. In 2006, they had a daughter named Lucia.

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