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Steven Stayner Wife Today


If you’re interested in finding out about Steven’s stayner wife today, you’ve come to the right place. There are many ways to find out more about the famous actor’s love life. Here are the details of it. Jody Edmondson married the actor in June 1985. In addition, they were extremely close.


Before he married Jody, Steven dated her for one year. Jody was just 17 years old when he proposed marriage. However, the couple had many disagreements and eventually became estranged. They had two children together, Ashley and Steven Jr., and Ashley Stayner was born to them in 1985. Despite the rumors of her death, Stayner’s wife has always been silent and has not spoken about it publicly.

Why is his Wife silent on His Death!

While it is easy to see why this actor’s wife would want to be silent, it’s worth noting that she has shared the news about her partner’s death in a documentary about her husband. This is one of the many twists and turns in Stayner’s life. She says her dad was a hero. Her daughter said he was a huge inspiration for her. She’s proud of her father.

Childhood Abduction

Although he is no longer a household name, Stayner’s story has become one of the most memorable in recent history. He was abducted when he was seven years old. Years later, he had married and had two children – Steven Jr. and Ashley. A documentary about his kidnapping and escape called ‘Captive Audience’ from Hulu explores the story of Steven Stayner’s life, revealing the truth about the mysterious abduction. His wife, Jody, also reveals how the surviving family is able to live a life that’s full of hope.

Stayner’s to Dennis Gregory Parnell

The news of Steven’s death shook the local community. News reports about his disappearance made his parents increasingly alarmed. By the time he was missing, his face was plastered across the local paper. The local police department, however, had no leads. Meanwhile, Parnell had renamed him Dennis Gregory Parnell and the couple moved around California. They stayed in Santa Rosa for two years, where Jody Edmondson, a high school sweetheart, lived. In this time, Steven and Jody started to change.

Cruel Stepfather 

During their time together, Timmy was abducted in California. The abductors plied him with drugs and alcohol. The police leaflets he received were not able to identify him. His stepfather, Lloyd Mathais, murdered Steven’s mother in 1981. He had a history of drug charges. His stepson, Timothy White, testified at Parnell’s trial in 2004 and later became a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy.


The Stayner family included three sisters and one brother. Cary Stayner was known for his brutality. The murder of four women in a national park has become the most talked about case in the history of gruesome crime. Stayner’s parents tried to get Stayner’s name changed to the Stayner Park in Merced, California, but he didn’t want to have his name changed.

A Car Accident 

While he was alive, his life was shattered. He died from catastrophic head injuries after being hit by a car. He had been riding his motorcycle when he was attacked. A witness recognized the driver of the car. The alleged driver was later arrested and was sentenced to death. A funeral for Stayner followed, attended by 500 people. Despite his tragic death, his life continues to inspire millions of fans and admirers.

He was a Criminal

Despite his gruesome crime, Stayner’s alleged abuse was never made public. When the police searched his home, they found several photos of his victims with sexually explicit themes. While Stayner’s innocence was questioned, he later admitted his guilt, and apologized to the family. His parents feared that he might be framed for the crime and hid his identity from his ex-wife.

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