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Such and what Show 2020: Cast, Imitations, Ranking, Champions Tournament

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Such and what Show 2020: Cast, Imitations, Ranking, Champions Tournament

The full cast of the tenth edition of Tale and Which Show, Rai talent show hosted by Carlo Conti, which will be broadcast on 18 September 2020. The latter has made public through a post on Instagram the names of the ten competitors who will compete on the stage of Tale and Which Show. The first novelty that catches the eye is the number of competitors, that is ten and not twelve as in past years. The ten competitors They are divided into five men and five women who will compete by imitating the sacred monsters of Italian and international music. There will be three judges to judge the competitors’ performances: Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme and Giorgio Panariello.

Cast and Competitors

The cast of the tenth edition of Tale and Which Show absolutely does not disappoint expectations, the competitors in the race belong to different sectors of the entertainment world and in just over a month they will compete to the sound of imitations, who will be the winner of this new edition of the Rai talent? to find out we just have to wait a little longer … in the meantime here is the complete list of participants:

Carmen Russo

Among the competitors of the tenth edition of Tale and Which Show there is also Carmen Russo. Showgirl, dancer and actress of great success who became famous thanks to her appearances in various successful programs such as “Drive in”, “L’isola dei Famosi”, the homonymous Spanish reality, “Grande Fratello Vip”, “Bake off Italia” and many more.

Luca Ward

Luca Ward is an Italian actor and voice actor, Luca has lent his voice to many successful films, the most famous is certainly the Gladiator, recently he also starred in a brand new Netflix television series or “Under the sun of Riccione”, the remake of the famous cult “Sapore di Mare”.

Sergio Muniz

Among the competitors in the competition there is also Sergio Muniz, actor and model of Spanish origins who became famous in our country after having participated (and won) the second edition of one of the most loved reality shows in Italy or the island of the famous, among the most famous films that made him famous it is certainly possible to mention “You only live once”, a film of a real sacred monster of acting, namely Carlo Verdone. Unfortunately the film has not yet been released due to the ongoing pandemic.

Francesca Manzini

Francesca Manzini is a comedian, an Italian imitator, who will participate in the tenth edition of Tale and Which Show, in recent years she has been very active in the entertainment world, the comedian in fact participated in “Amici Celebrities” and led for a short period the satirical news “Striscia la Notizia” together with one of the most beloved conductors in Italy or the legendary Gerry Scotti in the month of March.

Francesco Paoloantoni

Francesco Paoloantoni is an official competitor of the Rai home talent, he is a successful Italian comedian, actor, playwright, participation in Tale and Which Show represents his very first experience in the world of reality shows.

I pay

A real surprise is the participation in Tale and Which Show by the Sardinian-born singer Pacifico Settembre, better known as Pago. Italy, however, in the last period his name is associated with the world of gossip, after his participation in the Mediaset reality show “Temptation Island” the relationship with Serena Enardu was interrupted. The two subsequently made peace while participating in Big Brother Vip and then parted again a few months ago.

Virginio Simonelli

Among the protagonists of this edition of Tale and Which Show there is also the winner of the tenth edition of the famous talent show from Mediaset Amici di Maria De Filippi, or Virginio Simonelli, this is an excellent opportunity for him to relaunch himself in the world of music and in the entertainment world.

Carolina Rey

Among the participants in Tale and Which Show there is also Carolina Rey, successful actress, singer and TV presenter, the young woman has become famous thanks to her debut on Rai Gulp and to several appearances in various fictional and successful television series such as ” A doctor in the family “and” Compromises spouses “

Giulia Sol

Giulia Sol will participate in the brand new edition of the reality show hosted by Carlo Conti, the young woman is a singer with enormous talent, a veteran of the musical Gost that put her to the test. She is the youngest competitor of the tenth edition of Tale and Which Show.

Barbara Cola

Finally, the last, but not least, competitor is the singer and actress, Barbara Cola, who also participates in the tenth edition of Tale and Which Show, famous for having climbed to the second highest step of the podium alongside Gianni Morandi on the occasion of the 1995 Music Festival, in 2019 she returned to the small screen by participating in “Ora o mai più”, a musical program hosted by Amadeus.


THE judges of the 2020 edition of Tale and Quali Show are: Giorgio Panariello, Loretta Goggi and Vincenzo Salemme that during the bets will decide the winner by judging the performance of each competitor.

Second Phase Ranking (In progress)

First Evening

I pay: 67 points
Barbara Cola: 60 points
Jessica Morlacchi: 57 points
Agostino Penna: 53 points
Virginio: 45 points
Giulia Sol: 42 points
Sergio Muniz: 41 points
Carolina Rey: 36 points
Francesco Monte: 36 points
Lidia Schillaci: 33 points

Second Evening

Barbara Cola: 65 points
Virginio: 59 points
Lidia Schillaci: 56 points
Jessica Morlacchi: 54 points
Sergio Muniz: 50 points
Agostino Penna: 49 points
Giulia Sol: 42 points
Carolina Rey: 33 points
I pay: 32 points
Francesco Monte: 30 points

First Phase Final Standings

  1. I pay 362 points
  2. Virginio348 points
  3. Barbara Cola 332 points
  4. Carolina Rey 307 points
  5. Giulia Sol 283 points
  6. Sergio Muniz 253 points
  7. Francesco Manzini 245 points (eliminated)
  8. Francesco Paolantoni 245 points (eliminated)
  9. Luca Ward 209 points (eliminated)
  10. Carmen Russo 171 points (eliminated)

According to the final ranking, the first phase of the tournament sees Pago triumph. The last 4 classified are eliminated and replaced with the champions of the last edition of the program which are: Agostino Penna, Lidia Schillaci, Francesco Monte and Jessica Morlacchi.


First episode performances

Carolina Rey – Elettra Lamborghini
I pay – Francesco Gabbani
Giulia Sol – Giorgia
Carmen Russo – Stefania Rotolo
Francesco Paolantoni – James Brown
Luca Ward – Sugar
Virginio – Justin Timberlake
Francesca Manzini – Noemi
Barbara Cola – Iva Zanicchi
Sergio Muniz – Mick Jagger

Second episode performances

Carolina Rey – Arisa
Pago – Gianni Morandi
Giulia Sol – Whitney Houston
Carmen Russo – Sabrina Salerno
Francesco Paolantoni – Alan Sorrenti
Luca Ward – Ligabue
Virginio – Diodato
Francesca Manzini – Levante
Barbara Cola – Tina Turner
Sergio Muniz – Enrique Iglesias

Third episode performances

Virginio – George Michael
Sergio Muniz – Maurizio Vandelli
Franceca Manzini – Giusy Ferreri
Barbara Cola – Adele
Francesco Paolantoni – Mino Reitano
Carolina Rey – Britney Spears
Carmen Russo – Raffaella Carrà
I pay – Fabrizio Moro
Giulia Sol – Elodie
Luca Ward – Barry White

Fourth Episodes

Virginio – Negramaro
Giulia Sol – Christina Aguilera
Francesc Manzini – Loredana Bertè
Barbara Cola – Mina
Sergio Muniz – Miguel Bosè
Carolina Rey – Malika Ayane
Luca Ward – Fred Bongusto
Francesco Paolantoni – Tom Jones
Carmen Russo – Sheila & Black Devotion
Pay – Tony Hadley

Fifth episode performances

Barbara Cola – Al Bano
Francesca Manzini – Jennifer Lopez
Sergio Muniz – Cat Stevens
Pago – Rino Gaetano
Francesco Paolantoni – Tony Dallara
Carolina Rey – Gaia
Carmen Russo – Sofia Loren
Giulia Sol – Alessandra Amoroso
Virginio – Mango
Luca Ward – Amanda Lear

Sixth Episode

Carmen Russo becomes Madonna
Virginio becomes Bruno Mars
Francesca Manzini becomes Patty Pravo
Barbara Cola becomes Fiorella Mannoia
Francesco Paolantoni becomes Frank Sinatra
Carolina Rey Becomes Elisa
Sergio Muniz becomes Mal
Giulia Sol becomes Irene dear
Luca Ward Domenico becomes Modugno

Seventh Episode (tournament of champions)

Barbara Cola becomes Aretha Franklin
Jessica Morlacchi becomes Marcella Bella
Francesco Monte becomes Harry Styles
Pago becomes Ricky Martin
Virginio becomes Nek
Agostino Penna becomes Biagio Antonacci
Giulia Sol becomes Celine Dion
Carolina Rey becomes Nicole Kidman
Sergio Muniz becomes Jovanotti
Lidia Schillaci becomes Ornella Vanoni

Shows Eighth Episode (Tournament Of Champions)

Virginio becomes Franco Simone
Barbara Cola becomes Anastasia
Jessica Morlacchi becomes Katy Perry
Lidia Schillaci becomes Antonella Ruggiero
Francesco Monte becomes Raf
Sergio Muniz becomes David Bowie
Carolina Rey becomes Gery Halliwell
Giulia Sol becomes Anna Tatangelo
Pago becomes Renato Zero
Agostino Penna becomes Renato Zero (the same character as Pago)

Exhibition Ninth Episode (Tournament of Champions)

Virginio Simonelli – Ed Sheeran
Barbara Cola – Emma Marrone
Jessica Morlacchi – Rihanna
Francesco Monte – Tiziano Ferro
Lidia Schillaci – Beyonce
Carolina Rey – Laura Pausini
Sergio Muniz – Julio Iglesias
Giulia Sol – Liza Minnelli
Agostino Penna – Phil Collins
I pay – Massimo Ranieri

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