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Summer Cem: Assets & Fees of the Rapper

How much money does Summer Cem have?

Summer Cem, real name Cem Toraman, was born on April 11, 1983 in Mönchengladbach and grew up in the Rheydt district. The rapper has Turkish roots. He became known through his frequent collaborations with Eko Fresh and KC Rebell. At that time he was part of the German Dream label. The cherished Summer Cem’s net worth is € 4 million.

The biography of Summer Cem

Income from Summer Cem

In the meantime, Summer Cem was also with the label ersguterjunge by Bushido. It was released in November 2010 under the label German Dream Debut album quitting time. This made it to 85th place in Germany. In Austria and Switzerland, it did not make it into the top 100 at the time. In addition, Summer Cem opened its own café in Mönchengladbach.

Summer Cem has been under contract with Banger Musik, Farid Bang’s record label, since 2014. It was also Cem who discovered Farid Bang rapping and encouraged him to continue this hobby.

His first # 1 album came in 2016 with Cemesis. Power amplifier also reached number 1 in Germany and this time also in Switzerland. With KC Rebell he released a collaboration album called Maximum in 2017, which also charted at number 1. His album Just nice from 2019 also achieved good placements.

Records on streaming platforms

Merit from Summer Cem

Summer Cem was that most successful artist in German-speaking Spotify. In 2018 he set his first record for this. He had three million listeners on Spotify. As of now, there are 3.8 million listeners and almost 760,000 followers. In addition, there is the monthly audience for Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon Music. However, these numbers are not public.

The earnings per stream at Spotify are on average 0.0070 euros. With one million streams this results in a turnover of 7,000 euros for the artist. With 3.8 million listeners on Spotify, that would be one monthly fee of 26,600 euros when everyone has only listened to a song once.

The most popular tracks on Spotify:

  • Summer Cem (feat. Luciano): around 161,000 euros with 23 million streams
  • PHANTOM: about 56,000 euros with 8 million streams
  • Prime time: about 133,000 euros with 19 million streams
  • Diamonds (feat. Capital Bra): around 315,000 euros with 45 million streams

His album Endstufe was streamed over 300 million times in 2018. Given the estimated stream price, that would be a Sum of 2.1 million euros result. These numbers are based on 0.0070 euros per stream in relation to the information provided by Spotify. Other streaming platforms were ignored due to a lack of statistics.

Income from YouTube

Fortune of Summer Cem

Summer Cem doesn’t have a YouTube channel of its own. the Music videos and blogs are posted on the Banger Channel, the in-house channel of the record label. However, the artists still seem to get a share from this.

His label colleague Majoe had on the track Sidechick stated that he earns a cent with five clicks: “And the money in the account arrives on time, because I do earn 1 cent with 5 clicks today. “

With a million clicks that would correspond to earnings of 2,000 euros. His recently released music videos currently have between 1.1 and 5.4 million views. Thus there is definitely a nice extra income with Youtube.

Fees from advertising deals

Summer Cem’s music had changed a lot and since then commercial success has also been assured in advertising. In 2019 he did among other things Advertisement for McDonalds (McFlurry Cypher) and Apple Music. This was mostly played out on Snapchat. In the presence of Al-Gear, he also promoted BetHunter (Tips by Al-Gear). The rapper draws additional fees from these advertising deals and can thus further expand his fortune.

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