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Body sculpting champion Taesha Beynon has a rich personal history. She was once known as a beauty queen and promised to make it big and be a name everyone knew. However, after moving to the Gold Coast in 2008, she abandoned her sport and married Travers Beynon. This story is a real rollercoaster ride. Here’s a look at her ups and downs.

As a model, Beynon is known for her flamboyant lifestyle and has been hailed as ‘King of Instagram’. Her posts are often controversial, as she has been pictured wearing bikini straps in revealing posts. In 2009, she married Travers Beynon, who had already divorced her previous wife Ninibeth Beatriz Jiminez Leal. She has two children from her first marriage, a son and daughter.

Despite a large social media presence, Beynon has remained elusive and has never shared any details of her personal life. During his early days, he married Ninibeth Beatriz Jiminez Leal. Their marriage lasted eight years, during which they had three children together. After their divorce, he remarried Taesha and had another daughter, Lucciana. In Australia, they have nine thousand followers on Instagram.

During her football career, Beynon was approached by multiple modelling agencies, but only after a serious injury caused her to stop playing football. She was discovered by a scout from America and signed to Elite Model Management in Miami Beach. After the injury, Beynon moved to Miami to pursue her modelling career. And in the meantime, she was already a top model and a social media sensation.

Beynon is a popular social media star. She is regularly referred to as the ‘King of Instagram’ and has over 800K followers. She is known for her controversial posts and has become an icon. Beynon’s Instagram account has been a great place to follow for her. In fact, she has a booming fanbase of more than 800K followers.

The two met at a nightclub and became friends after a year. She wore a leather jacket and a pink shirt that accentuated her curves. She was 18 years old when she met Travers Beynon. She was a nightclub host and liked the culture of the nightclub. Her husband was a big fan of his work and was a great supporter of his wife.

Beynon was once a struggling model. She swam for Levi Jeans in Mexico and was soon named ‘The Hunter’. She also shot for Versace, Moschino, Paul Smith, Calvin Klein, and Valentino. She spent most of her time in New York and Milan, and earned between $2000 and $35,000 a day. Beynon’s ego has helped her gain the trust of her fans.

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