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Tai Verdes Net Worth


Tai Verdes is an American singer-songwriter who made his debut in May 2021 with his debut album. He later released another song titled “A-O-K”. The ethnicity of Tai Verdes is not clear. His parents are James Harold Colon and Ladora Colon. Both parents are Toyota executives. The singer-songwriter has a net worth of $200,000 according to various sources. In addition, he has a large fan following on Twitter.

Fame by American Idol

Tai Verdes is an American singer who rose to fame after his appearance on the American Idol series in 2011. Before gaining worldwide fame, Verdes had failed seven tryouts on the show. He had also released several songs under the name Tylersemicolon. These songs have helped Tai Verdes build a modest net worth. Although Tai Verdes has not revealed his exact income, it is believed that his net worth will be at least $750K by 2021.


The singer-songwriter began taking piano lessons at an early age. His zodiac sign is Scorpio and he stands at 6 feet 7 inches. Although his net worth is unknown, it is safe to assume that his primary source of income is his musical works. A look at his earnings history will give you an idea of his net worth and income level. If Tai Verdes is worth $2 million, it’s probably just the beginning.

Start of Career

The singer-songwriter turned his viral hit into a sustainable career. His YouTube channel has received millions of views, and his debut album has gained support from Apple Music and Rolling Stone. However, he keeps a laid-back vibe. In fact, he reportedly spoke to Buzzfeed’s reporter from his apartment in Los Angeles. The interview was conducted via a phone call between Verdes and the company’s president, Mike Posner.

Huge Fan Following 

Tai Verdes has over 240k followers on Instagram. Besides Instagram, she’s on Twitter and Deezer. Tai Verdes will also make her debut in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2021, on the Jennie-O ‘Big Turkey Spectacular’ float. The parade is a celebration of the golden age of Hollywood. The singer’s net worth is still unknown, but he has been praised for her musical talent and popularity.

TikTok Fame

The singer gained massive popularity on TikTok. His first video, “Stuck In The Middle,” received nearly 100 million views in a matter of days. Until this day, Tai Verdes was working at a Verizon store in Los Angeles. But thanks to TikTok, he was able to sell his first tour. It’s no wonder that the video topped the streaming charts.

Stuck In Middle Success 

Although Tai Verdes’ Wikipedia bio does not include information about his early life, he’s already an accomplished musician. His music video “Stuck In The Middle” has received more than 72 million streams on Spotify. Despite his modest background, Tai Verdes’ net worth has grown steadily. If you’re wondering how to increase Tai Verdes’ net worth, you can look up his estimated earnings from YouTube.

Net Worth 

Tai Verdes’ net worth is a product of his hard work and dedication. The singer has spent countless hours on social media, generating more than $50,000 through the popularity of his music videos. He also has a number of music projects that have received critical praise, including the hit single “A-O-K.”


As an amateur singer, Verdes had failed at a number of singing competitions and had to settle for a career in music. His first song went viral. Despite this short-lived success, his video grew to garner over 1.7 million Instagram followers. This is what makes him so successful. The singer’s net worth has been steadily increasing and is set to continue growing.

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