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Tale and Which Show 2019: Competitors, Ranking, Winner and Jury

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Tale and Which Show 2019: Competitors, Ranking, Winner and Jury

Such and what Show 2019 was broadcast from 13 September to 18 October 2019 on Rai 1. The ninth edition of Tale and Which Show was presented by Carlo Conti and saw twelve competitors on their stage, ready to demonstrate their talent.

Such and Which Show is one of Rai’s most popular talent shows and is inspired by Spanish formatYou dear me suena“. The protagonists of the talent are VIPs who have to imitate the great characters of Italian and non-Italian songs. Below you will find the biographies of the competitors, the rankings of the episodes of Tale and Quali Show 2019.

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Tournament ranking

After the end of Tale and Which Show 9, the edition was broadcast The tournament from October 25, attended by 6 VIPs of the ninth edition (Francesco Monte, Agostino Penna, Tiziana Rivale, Jessica Morlacchi, Lidia Schillaci and Davide De Marinis) and six other VIPs who participated in the other editions: Vladimir Luxuria, Massimo Di Cataldo, Giovanni Vernia , Alessandra Drusian, Roberta Bonanno and Antonio Mezzancella.

Ranking of the first episode of the tournament October 25:

  1. Antonio Mezzancella – Last
  2. Francesco Monte – Gianluca Grignani
  3. Agostino Penna – Mango
  4. Roberta Bonanno – Beyonce
  5. Alessandra Drusian – Donatella Rector
  6. Tiziana Rivale – Sylvie Vartan
  7. Giovanni Vernia – David Bowie
  8. Jessica Morlacchi – Gloria Gaynor
  9. Davide De Marinis – Tony Renis
  10. Lidia Schillaci – My Martini
  11. Vladimir Luxuria – Celia Cruz
  12. Massimo Di Cataldo – Pupo

Ranking second episode of the tournament November 1:

  1. Lidia Schillaci – Edith Piaf
  2. Francesco Monte – Nek
  3. Roberta Bonanno – Rita Pavone
  4. Jessica Morlacchi – Loretta Goggi
  5. Alessandra Drusian – Shirley Bassey
  6. Antonio Mezzancella – Luciano Ligabue
  7. Agostino Penna – Eduardo De Crescenzo
  8. Davide De Marinis – Fabio Rovazzi
  9. Giovanni Vernia – Renato Carosone
  10. Vladimir Luxuria – Elvis Presley
  11. Tiziana Rivale – Madonna
  12. Massimo Di Cataldo – Paul McCartney


There Classification of the first episode and its interpretations:

  1. Lidia Schillaci – Lady Gaga
  2. Jessica Morlacchi – Ivana Spain
  3. Agostino Penna – Elton John
  4. Francesco Monte – Mahmood
  5. Gigi & Ross – Righeira
  6. Tiziana Rivale – Kim Carnes
  7. Davide De Marinis – Gianni Morandi
  8. David Pratelli – Nino Ferrer
  9. Flora Canto – Cristina D’Avena
  10. Eva Grimaldi – Amanda Lear
  11. Sara Facciolini – Baby K
  12. Francesco Pannofino – Barry White

Ranking of the second episode

Agostino Penna wins the second episode, last place for Eva Grimaldi who is not convincing with her interpretation:

  1. Agostino Penna – Gaetano Curreri
  2. Gigi and Ross – Fabrizio Moro and Ermal Meta
  3. Lidia Schillaci – Giorgia
  4. Davide De Marinis – J-Ax
  5. Tiziana Rivale – Adele
  6. Jessica Morlacchi – Donna Summer
  7. David Pratelli – Jarabe DePalo Pau Donés
  8. Flora Canto – Syria
  9. Francesco Monte – Tommaso Paradiso
  10. Sara Facciolini – Emma
  11. Francesco Pannofino – Drupi
  12. Eva Grimaldi – Milva

Third Episode Ranking

In the third episode of Tale and Quali Show wins Francesco Monte, with his interpretation of Ed Sheeran:

  1. Francesco Mountain
  2. Agostino Penna
  3. Tiziana Rivale
  4. Davide De Marinis
  5. Lidia Schillaci
  6. Jessica Morlacchi
  7. Gigi and Ross and Francesco Pannofino
  8. Flora Singing
  9. Eva Grimaldi
  10. Sara Facciolini
  11. David Pratelli

Ranking Fourth Episode

There fourth episode of Tale and Quali Show saw two competitors win ex aequo. Last but not least Eva Grimaldi:

  1. Ex Equo: Sara Facciolini and Agostino Penna
  2. Tiziana Rivale
  3. Gigi and Ross
  4. Davide De Marinis
  5. Jessica Morlacchi
  6. David Pratelli
  7. Flora Singing
  8. Francesco Pannofino
  9. Lidia Schillaci
  10. Francesco Mountain
  11. Eva Grimaldi

Ranking Fifth episode

  1. Davide De Marinis – Vasco Rossi
  2. Jessica Morlacchi – Mina
  3. Agostino Penna – Dionne Warwick
  4. Flora Canto – Orietta Berti
  5. Francesco Monte – Rag’n’bone Man
  6. Lidia Schillaci – Alessandra Amoroso
  7. David Pratelli – Giorgio Gaber
  8. Eva Grimaldi – Boney M
  9. Tiziana Rivale – Caterina Caselli
  10. Francesco Pannofino – John Belushi
  11. Gigi and Ross – Cochi and Renato
  12. Sara Facciolini – Cher

Sixth Episode Ranking

The ranking of the sixth and final episode sees Francesco Monte win:

  1. Francesco Monte – Michael Bublè
  2. Agostino Penna – Fausto Leali
  3. Lidia Schillaci – Maria Callas
  4. Jessica Morlacchi – Christina Aguilera
  5. Tiziana Rivale – Anastacia
  6. Davide De Marinis – Lucio Battisti
  7. David Pratelli – Adriano Celentano
  8. Francesco Pannofino – Louis Armstrong
  9. Gigi and Ross – Baglioni and Morandi
  10. Sara Facciolini – Malika Ayane
  11. Flora Canto – Anna Oxa
  12. Eva Grimaldi – Sophia Loren

Such and Which Show 2019 sees Agostino Penna triumph. Second Francesco Monte and third Lidia Schillaci.

Tale and Which Show 2019: Competitors

There are twelve i competitors who participated in Tale and Quali Show 2019:

Francesco Monte is a former participant of Men and Women, who was both a suitor and a tronista. He is also known for his long relationship with Cecilia Rodriguez. Later he was with Giulia Salemi and is currently engaged with the model Isabella De Candia. Francesco Mountain it was ranked second to Such and what Show 2019.

Tiziana Rivale is an Italian singer and musician who broke through the 80s, so much so that she won the Sanremo Festival in 1983 with the song “Whatever will be, will be“. In recent years he has participated in several television programs such as Sunday In, but it is very active especially abroad. His latest, entitled “Ash“, Was released in 2019.

Flora Canto is an Italian television face and is famous for being the ex-partner of Filippo Bisciglia. After Bisciglia’s participation in Big Brother, the two break up and Canto becomes a tronista of Men and Women. Flora is currently engaged to Enrico Brignano and together they gave birth to little Martina.

David Pratelli is an Italian artist, comedian and comedian much appreciated by the public for his imitations. He participated in famous broadcasts such as “Those who footballAnd his popular imitations are those of Cristian de Sica and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Agostino Penna is an Italian musician and composer, who in the past collaborated with Maria De Filippi for the program “Men and women“. He has worked in the theater but also has various experiences as an actor in fiction such as “Don Matteo” or “Police District“.

Eva Grimaldi is an Italian actress and showgirl, who has taken part in many successful films such as “Interview“By Federico Fellini or”Take away the trouble”By Dino Risi. She has been involved in many successful fiction and had an affair with Gabriel Garko. Eva is currently married to Imma Battaglia, after coming out during the reality show The Island of the Famous in 2017.

Gigi and ross are a comic duo made up of Luigi Esposito (Gigi) and Rosario Morra (Ross). It is the first time that a duo has participated in Tale and Which Show. In the past, the duo took part in the famous Italia 1 program, Le Iene. And they collaborated on Made in Sud, together with Elisabetta Gregoraci and Fatima Trotta.

Davide de Marinis is a well-known singer and songwriter who achieved success in the 90s with the single “Too beautiful“. He has participated in the past in the festival bar and more recently has taken part in several broadcasts: “I soliti ignoti”, “Detto Fatto”, as well as Tale and Quali Show 2019.

Lidia Schillaci is an Italian singer and actress who has collaborated with various protagonists of Italian music, such as Eros Ramazzotti and Max Pezzali. He participated in the talent show Operation Triumph, broadcast in 2002. Schillaci ranked third in Such and what Show 2019.

Jessica Morlacchi is an Italian singer who was part of the successful group “Gazosa“. He made his debut in the world of music at the age of 13, and signed hit songs such as “Stay with me (forever)” And “Www I like you“. Since 2003 Jessica Morlacchi has been working as a soloist and in 2019 she released her latest single “Cadillac“.

Francesco Pannofino is an Italian voice actor who has lent his voice to some of the most important actors of recent decades: from George Clooney to Antonio Banderas, from Jean-Claude Van Damme to Denzel Washington. He also worked as an actor in the films: “Croce e Delizia “,” This is life “,” Chocolate lessons “,” Different from whom? “,” Boris – the movie “,” I’m going to Havana “,” Me and Marylin “,” Males against females“.

Sara Facciolini is a dancer and showgirl who played the role of the teacher in the successful program “The legacy“. Sara was one of Madonna’s dancers on her tour. In addition to L’eredità, he also participated in other television programs such as “I’ll be back on Saturday ”,“ Domenica In ”,“ La Corrida ”,“ There is mail for you” etc.


There jury of Tale and Quali Show is made up of three big names in the Italian show business: Loretta Goggi (who has been on the jury since the first edition), Vincenzo Salemme And Giorgio Panariello.

Article by Regina Fiamma Pisano

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