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tamika smith net worth

Tamika Smith is an American successful businesswoman who is famous for her relationship with rapper Method Man. Originally, she was a personal assistant to Clifford, but her marriage with Method made her more famous. According to her net worth, she’s currently making millions of dollars. She’s also married to a producer called Justin Hawkins who’s worth around $4 million. Although their relationship is private, they share a child, named Tamir.

Tamika Smith has a net worth of $10 million. The actress and rapper is also a breast cancer survivor. Her marriage to Method Man was revealed by Wendy Williams in 2006 without her consent. She was born on July 14, 1975, in America, and her parents were divorced. Her family is extremely private, but her father is a successful financial specialist and he has several properties in Miami.

In 1997, she married her husband, Clifford Smith Jr., a musician and businessman. She has three children and a total net worth of $20 million. In 2006, Smith had bosom disease, which was uncovered on Wendy Williams. Tamika also enjoys working out and eating a good dinner. She likes to meet new people and spend time with her family. However, her net wealth is not as big as her husband’s.

Smith started her career as a personal assistant. She worked as a caretaker for adults with disabilities for a couple years. She later opened her own small beauty salon, and now owns a salon with her husband. She’s also interested in entrepreneurship and works as an entrepreneur. In her spare time, she likes to dance, spend time with her family, and eat good meals.

Tamika Smith’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. She has three children with Method Man and is married to him. She’s also a Grammy Award winner. Despite her fame, she has a low profile in society. She is a mother, wife, and businesswoman. She has a few other interests as well, including studying real estate and working out. She’s a fan of football and loves to spend time with her family.

Tamika Smith’s net worth is hard to determine, as her networth has not been revealed publicly. She has a small beauty salon, and she earns money from endorsements. Her other interests include dancing, eating, and laughing with her friends. However, her networth is still unreported. Despite her wealth, she is a successful businesswoman and a mother of three. While her networth is unknown, her husband, Method Man, who is a billionaire, has a very healthy life.

Tamika Smith’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million. The rapper and his wife are each worth $800 million. Together, they share a net worth of over $30 million. Regardless of their personal lives, the two are raising three kids, and living in a home with her husband and their two sons. Their total assets are estimated to be approximately $12 million. She has three children, including a daughter and two son.

Tamika Smith’s net worth is not known, but it is estimated to be around $21 million. The two are married and have three children. The couple also have a child named Tamir. They have a home in New York City. Their son graduated from high school in 2016 and chose to pursue a career in rap. She is a financial expert and a mother. She was born in a humble family and has a lot of assets.

Tamika Smith’s early life is unknown, and her net worth is not yet disclosed. She has never spoken about her early life, but has been married to a man named Clifford since 2007. She’s a mother to three children, a finance manager, and a child therapist. In addition to her career, she is a mother of two children. Moreover, she’s a model and has appeared on numerous television programs.

Tamika Smith’s net worth is estimated to be at $20 million. She married Method Man in 2001 and they’ve been together ever since. She has also been a development aid for adults with disabilities. She has a strong sense of humor and enjoys a good laugh. She has a very low-key lifestyle, but has a high-profile net worth. In fact, she’s very private about her finances.

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