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The 10 richest It girls in the world

It girls are often said to have a huge fortune, even if nobody really knows what these mostly very beautiful and slim ladies have done to earn so much money in the first place. The It-Girls often come from a wealthy family and have therefore grown up with a golden spoon in their mouth. But most rich parents do not like to see their daughters write scandalous headlines, as is common for many It girls. To be an It-Girl also means to put yourself in the limelight so skillfully that there is a sufficiently large media hype that does not annoy your parents too much. Otherwise your own trust fund could be gone very quickly. Often times, the It girls are paid just for their presence at parties, events, fashion shows and other exclusive events. But looking beautiful is a job in itself, as a fashionable faux pas can cost the It-Girls dearly on its own. Still, it shouldn’t be really difficult for these ladies in life. So who are these ladies who were born on the sunny side of life? Introducing the 10 Richest It Girls in the World, none of whom are under $ 10 million.

These are the 10 richest It girls in the world

9Nicole Richie (net worth $ 10 million)

Nicole Richie was lucky enough to end up in a rich family through an adoption. Your stepfather is none other than Lionel Richie, the famous American singer. Nicole was officially adopted at the age of 9 and from then on enjoyed the fact that her adoptive father simply couldn’t refuse her wish. Nicole Richie first became known as an It-Girl through a reality TV show alongside Paris Hilton, the ultimate It-Girl par excellence. In the meantime, however, the former party mouse has grown up and is highly valued by the American fashion scene as a fashion designer who should be taken seriously.

Nicole Richie net worth

9Dorothy Wang (net worth $ 10 million)

Together with Nicole Richie, Dorothy Wang also took 9th place. She is the daughter of a Chinese billionaire named Roger Wang. Dorothy deserves the nickname “Trust Fund Princess” if you look at the behavior of the American on the TV show “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills”. Pure decadence is the motto here.

Dorothy Wang net worth

8thAllison Melnick (net worth $ 11.5 million)

Allison Melnick was already a promoter in the New York club scene at the tender age of 16. She, too, later became one of Paris Hilton’s best friends and was seen on television with her. She has now opened her own bar called the Apple Lounge.

I will if you will?

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7thTinsley Mortimer (net worth: $ 35 million)

The It Girl was also born into a wealthy family who made their living primarily from real estate. The smart Tinsley moved to New York to study, where she graduated from Columbia University, which puts her way ahead of many of the other It girls. Mainly through her marriage to Robert Livingston Mortimer, Tinsley became known in New York high society. However, their divorce has also damaged their image.

Tinsley Mortimer net worth

6thBrandon Davis (net worth $ 55 million)

Brandon Davis, the only It boy on our list, is just as hotly courted as our It girls. He owes his fortune mainly to the black gold and he also likes to show himself at the side of Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky. According to rumors, Brandon Davis is said to have lost touch with reality again and again and once offered kiosk clerks $ 1,000 for a single donut. Who can afford it …

Brandon Davis net worth

5Kim Kardashian (net worth $ 85 million)

Number 5 on our list also owes its fame to Paris Hilton, among others. However, her sextape with rapper Ray-J is what finally made Kim Kardshian an It-Girl superstar. Her reality TV show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” has now presented more than 10 seasons and her sisters have also benefited financially from Kim K’s Celebtriy status. Myself, her husband, Kanye West, is doing extremely well financially. It has now become a true family business and the Kardashian ladies are all very wealthy.

Kim Kardashian net worth

4thSale Johnson (net worth: $ 100 million)

At the top there are 3 It-Girls who are all worth 100 million US dollars. They include the beautiful Sale Johnson from St. Louis, USA, who was born into a wealthy family but is better known for her marriage to Woody Johnson, one of the Johnson & Johnson heirs. The majority of Sale, who also worked as a model, came from her divorce.

3Sabrina Guinness (net worth: $ 100 million)

Guinness beer also made Sabrina Guinness a rich woman. The it girl herself is best known for her various affairs and relationships. She had them all from Prince Charles to Mick Jagger.

2Paris Hilton (net worth: $ 100 million)

At the end there is a real surprise in second place, because Paris Hilton is not, as expected, the Queen of all It-Girls. At only 100 million US dollars, she is far behind first place. However, Paris has paved the way for many more It girls. She was one of the first to be famous just for being famous. The name “Hilton” has of course not harmed the hotel heiress on the way up.

Paris Hilton Income

1Caroline Fleming (net worth: $ 400 million)

The Queen of the It-Girls is Caroline Fleming (Ada Iuel-Brockdorff). The Dane has meanwhile become one of the most famous It girls in the fashion metropolis of London. As part of the Danish nobility, this explains their wealth. She, too, is best known for her relationships. From 2001 to 2008 the baroness was married to the British Rory Fleming, son of James Bond author Ian Fleming. She allegedly received up to 400 million euros through the divorce. Between 2009 and 2011, Caroline Fleming was in a relationship with soccer player Nicklas Bendtner.

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