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The 11 richest NBA players of all time

That he get rich as an NBA superstaris not a secret. Because alongside football, basketball is one of the most popular sports internationally and the stars in the NBA earn salaries in the millions. Especially Michael, Magic, Shaq, Kobe and LeBron are among the best of the best. You have made the sport even more popular internationally. The NBA players owe their horrific salaries and advertising income primarily to the fans.

Because basketball players are no longer just professional athletes. Many of them have become real celebrities themselves. When you consider that many of the wealthiest NBA players are also smart businessmen and investors, they can grow their fortunes dramatically year after year as they retire. It is therefore not surprising that many of the 13 richest NBA players of all time have already given up their basketball career. So who not only made it to the top in the NBA, but also earned a really golden nose in the process?

These are the 13 richest basketball players of all time

10 Tim Duncan: 110 million euros in assets

Tim Duncan is one of the few NBA players who has spent their entire career with just one team. With the San Antiono Spurs, the basketball player has become a wealthy man who ranks 10th on our list. Five NBA Championship titles, two MVP awards and 15 appearances in NBA All-Star Games are just some of Tim Duncan’s career highlights.

10 Gary Payton: € 110 million in assets

Gary Payton is our number 10 and shares the spot with Tim Duncan. The Basketball Hall of Famer was able to close a $ 80 million deal with SuperSonics in his sixth career year in the NBA. Even today he earns as NBA commentator still the very big money with the television station Fox Sports 1.

9 Kevin Durant: 125 million euros in assets

Kevin Durant is one of the highest-paid superstars in the Golden State Warriors and has been an NBA champion for the first time since 2017. In 2014 he was an NBA MVP. Incidentally, he chose Roc Nation Sports, which belongs to the US rapper Jay-Z, as a player advisor and manager.

Grant Hill fortune
8th Grant Hill: 150 million euros in assets

Grant Hill is a born athlete. Because since father, Calvin Hill, was a professional athlete and played for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. His son’s high school career was also remarkable, with Grant Hill spinning on the baseball field for Duke University. He then made the leap into the NBA with the Detroit Pistons. There he was allowed to participate in seven all-star games and could himself Advertising contracts with such well-known companies as FILA or McDonald’s valued at around 80 million US dollars.

7th Kevin Garnett: 160 million euros in assets

In his day, Kevin Garnett became the first NBA player in 20 years to join the NBA straight from high school. In 2008 he was able to become NBA Champ with the Boston Celtics, which the team had last done 22 years earlier. He even took home a gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics. Throughout his entire NBA career, he should be around Earned $ 315 million have which makes him one of the highest paid NBA players of all time.

6th Hakeem Olajuwan: 170 million euros in assets

The Nigerian was able to achieve great successes in the USA. After two NBA titles, he moved to the Toronto Raptors, where he played until his retirement in 2002. Yet his post-NBA period has proven to be just as profitable. Because Hakeem has a knack for extremely profitable real estate deals, with which he continues to expand his fortune.

6th David Robinson: 170 million euros in assets

NBA player David Robinson shares sixth place with Hakeem Olajuwan. American basketball player David Robinson is 2.16 meters tall and weighs 107kg. His career began in 1989 with the San Antonio Spurs, for which he played until 2003. Robinson got the nickname “The Admiral”which he owed to his time in the US Navy. In 1999 and 2003 he won the NBA Championships with his team. He has also generously donated his fortune and used it for charitable purposes.

5 Dirk Nowitzki: 200 million euros in assets

Dirkules, as the German giant Dirk Nowitzki is affectionately known, has made a lot of money in his career. He is the only German on the list and can probably retire with an incredible fortune. Will there be another German who will earn as much money in the NBA as Dirk?

LeBron James Net Worth

4th Kobe Bryant: 455 million euros in assets

Of course, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant should not be missing high on our list. He joined the NBA straight from high school and has spent most of his career with the LA Lakers. Kobe Bryant has had great sporting successes, he ended his career in 2016. He was present in 17 all-star games. He was also able to win the title five times for his respective team. Also in terms of his Advertising revenue Kobe Bryant is so easy to fool Kobe Bryant.

3 Shaquille O’Neal: 340 million euros in assets

Shaq is the absolute NBA Superman. Because even before Kobe and LeBron, he dominated the world of basketball. His career lasted a full 19 years, which is impressive for an NBA player. Shaq has also tried his hand at being an actor, rapper and reality TV star. Even today he is on TV as Sports commentator to see and therefore continues to deserve a proud salary year after year.

3 LeBron James: 415 million euros in assets

Not only is LeBron James one of the richest NBA players of all time, but the one too youngest professional basketball playerwhich can be found on our list. He also joined the Cleveland Cavaliers immediately after high school. In 2010, however, he moved to Miami Heat and was also able to bring two titles to Miami. LeBron is also one of the NBA’s most prominent advertising figures, so it’s expected he’ll climb even higher on our list of the NBA’s richest players over the next several years.

2 Magic Johnson: 500 million euros in assets

Magic Johnson is worth more than half a billion US dollars. During his 13 seasons with the La Lakers, Magic won five titles. He has also been named MVP three times. He was also a member of the Dream Team, which took place in 1992 in Barcelona Olympic gold fetched. Magic has also grown into a smart businessman through partnerships with companies like Starbucks and 24 Hour Fitness, a gym chain in the United States. He’s even invested in the Los Angeles Dodgers, benefiting from the earnings of the popular MLB team.

Michael Jordan fortune
1 Michael Jordan: 1.45 billion euros in assets

With his Net worth more than $ 1 billion Michael Jordan clearly outshines all the other basketball players on our list. Many even consider him the greatest NBA player of all time. In particular, no other basketball superstar comes close to his advertising contracts with the following companies:

• Hanes
• Coke
• Nike
• Gatorade

Michael Jordan also owns the Charlotte Hornets. His 89 percent share even made him first ever NBA billionaire did. In the future, Michael Jordan’s fortune should continue to grow thanks to his many clever investments.

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