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The Cathedral of the Sea: Plot, Second season, Episodes, Cast and Streaming

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The Cathedral of the Sea: Plot, Second season, Episodes, Cast and Streaming

There Cathedral of the Sea it’s a television series very successful Spanish broadcast for the first time on Antena 3 in 2018. In Italy it is already on Netflix, but for the general public it airs on Channel 5 from 19 May 2020 to 9 June.

The series is based on the novel of the same name written by Ildefonso Falcones The Catedral del Mar, set in the 14th century in Barcelona and tells the story of a serf, Arnau Estanyol, who arrived in Barcelona after several adventures and intends to change his destiny.

Tv Series Sheet The Cathedral of the Sea

  • First name: The Catedral Del Mar
  • Italian title: The Cathedral of the Sea
  • Production year: 2016
  • Aired in Spain: from 23 May to 18 July 2018
  • Aired in Italy: on Netflix from 1 September 2018 and on Canale 5 from 19 May 2020
  • Main actors: Aitor Luna, Michelle Jenner, Andrea Duro
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 8
  • Gender: Historical, Drama
  • Instagram profile spanish series: @la_catedral_del_mar
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From the bestseller by Ildefonso Falcones, The Cathedral of the Sea is a compelling Spanish series which takes its name from the gothic basilica of Santa Maria del Mar from Barcelona, built between 1329 and 1383, the so-called “People’s cathedral”. The construction of the imposing cathedral is the background to the existence of a serf, Arnau Estanyol, a man who fled while still a child with his father, Bernat Estanyol, by the suppressed of the feudal lords. Arriving in Barcelona, ​​Arnau and his father try to free themselves from the condition of fugitives and change their lives. At first, father and son are hosted by Bernat’s sister, who married a wealthy potter, Grau Puig, aspiring to the noble class of the city. But soon they will have to leave that refuge for their brother-in-law’s suppressed ones.

Arnau, plays all humbler jobs, as a potter in the house of the Puigs, longshoreman, groom (keeper of the lord’s horse), porter and soldier, until he became a free man.

The plot of the Cathedral of the Sea is dense and intertwined actions a love affairs, the latter so strong that Arnau, torn between two women, Aledis, which he loves and Maria, his wife, decides to flee Barcelona and enlist. In war Arnau demonstrates his great gifts of courage, loyalty and Catalan pride that make him loved by his comrades and win the respect of his commanders.

However, thesocial rise who redeemed him from misery awakens theenvy of his enemies. In fact, Arnau first becomes Consul of the Sea and then a rich money changer and his opponents, including his brother Joan and his second wife Elionor, will put his life at risk until he is reported to the very poet. Inquisition.

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How many episodes of the Cathedral of the Mars are there? There is currently only one season for the series The Cathedral of the Sea for a total of 8 episodes about 55 minutes each. The first season will air on prime time on Canale 5 with two episodes at a time starting at 9.35pm.


The series The Cathedral of the Sea is available entirely on Netflix come on Mediaset Play as the episodes will be broadcast over the weeks. Here are the links where you can see or retrieve the bets:


The series de The Cathedral of the Sea, as well as the novel, of setting medieval historical, take their cue from the life parable of the protagonist Arnau Estanyol to paint the Catalan society of the fourteenth century.

The action takes place at Barcelona in a very prosperous era for the city that expands and aggregates several neighboring areas, such as the Ribera, a humble fishermen’s neighborhood. It is here that the church of is being built Santa María del Mar. The sets and costumes perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the time: in the background important themes such as the religious control and segregation in the medieval society of Barcelona.

Where is La Cattedrale del Mare located?

The Cathedral of the Sea is located in Barcelona and her real name is church of Santa Maria Del Mar. To visit it you have to reach the district of La Ribeira near the coast in East Barcelona. It is historically considered as the church of the Sailors for its position in the port and commercial area of ​​the city. It is of Gothic style with large naves, we recall that it suffered severe damage from an earthquake in 1428 and a fire in 1986. The restoration work of the church was financed by the Barcelona football team, for this reason on a stained glass window of the Church you can see the club crest.

Actors and characters

The Cathedral of the Sea series is directed by Jordi Frades And Salvador García Ruiz, award-winning directors. In the cast we find many Spanish actors and actresses, mostly unknown to the Italian public, but very famous in Spain and very talented.

  • The protagonist, Arnau Estanyol is played by Aitor Luna, Spanish born in 1981. Arnau has never met his mother and is forced to flee with his father to Barcelona to get rid of the suppressed feudal lords. Here he rises socially and economically: he works as Bastaix (longshoreman), he enlisted in the Catalan army and returned to Barcelona where his social rise began. With the favor of King Pedro he becomes a wealthy and respected money changer and obtains the title of baron.
  • Bernat Estanyol, Arnau’s father, is played by Daniel Grao, Spanish actor who starred in famous Spanish TV series and films such as Julieta, from Almodóvar.
    In the series Bernat is the father who alone raises Arnau because on the day of his wedding with Francesca the local gentleman asserts his right of the “ius primae noctis” and kidnaps his wife. Since then Bernat escapes to Barcelona with Arnau and fights for his freedom.
  • Joan Estanyol, the half-brother of the protagonist Arnau, played by Pablo Derqui born in 1976 in Barcelona. Welcomed in the Estanyol family, he grew up with Arnau and as soon as possible began his studies to become a Dominican. Joan is a very controversial figure, so much so that she becomes one of Arnau’s most bitter opponents.
  • Grau Puig, is a rich potter from Barcelona, ​​brother-in-law of Bernat Estanyol and who at first offers refuge to Bernat and Arnau, but later, after the death of Bernat’s sister, he proves to be a despot so much that father and son are forced to flee his home.
  • Genís Puig, interpreted by Críspulo Cabezas, is the eldest son of Grau Puig, heir to his father’s fortune and eager to join the nobility of Barcelona.

The Italian audience passionate about TV series will be able to recognize among the performers: David Muro, the Servant of “The Secret” e Alain Hernandez who played Victor Gamero of La Caccia. Monteperdido.

Female protagonists

Mar Estanyol, played by Michelle Jenner, the first adopted daughter of Arnau Estanyol who, however, will become his wife at the end of the series.

Elionor, played by Silvia Abascal, Arnau’s second wife and King Pedro’s protégé. She is a proud woman who despises people of lower rank and who becomes one of the fiercest opponents of her husband, Arnau.

Francesca Esteve, played by Nathalie Poza, Arnau’s mother, dreamed of a happy life with Bernat Estanyol but her dreams are shattered on the same day of the wedding. Submitted to the power of the local lord, she is forced into prostitution until she manages to escape. Through ups and downs she arrives in Barcelona where, however, she is accused of witchcraft by the Inquisition. It is she who defends her son Arnau before the Inquisition by saying that she never met him to save his life.

Aledis Segura, played by Andrea Duro, the girl Arnau falls madly in love with as a boy but is forced by her father to marry for money. Aledis experiences ups and downs that lead her to follow Arnau in the war, meet Arnau’s real mother and become a prostitute.

Ildefonso Falcones’s book

The Cathedral of the Sea is taken from the book of the same nameCatalan lawyer and writer Ildefonso Falconses first released in Castilian Spanish in 2006 and translated into Italian in 2007 (Longanesi publisher, 642 pages). Ildefonso Falcones is a 62-year-old lawyer specializing in Civil Law and the son of a soldier. The novel immediately received a resounding success, selling 250,000 copies in just two months and surpassing 6 million copies in 40 countries.
Falcones has won several literary awards, including the 2007 Giovanni Boccaccio Literary Prize in Italy. Other novels of Falcones are: The hand of Fatima of 2009, The barefoot queen of 2013 and The heirs of the Earth 2016, a sort of sequel to the first novel.

Second season

At the moment the second season of the series has not been confirmed The Cathedral of the Sea. However the success of the first edition and the fact that the novel’s author published a sequel to the novel titled The heirs of the Earth, give fans hope. We’ll see…


  • Shooting of the series: filming for the series began in the summer of 2016
  • Cast and costumes: the series involved 2,500 extras, 220 animals and 2,000 costumes.
  • Scenography: almost 80% of the scenes were shot on location, including the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. It was also filmed in the Spanish regions of Castile-La Mancha, Castile and León, Madrid, in the municipalities of Extremadura, Aragon and Catalonia.

TV Series Awards

To the Iris Award of 2018, La Cattedrale del Mare was nominated for the best actress, Michelle Jenner, and won the award for the best production, Jaume Banacolocha and Joan Bas.
In 2019 he was appointed to theInternational Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA) as best original soundtrack for a television series.
The Cathedral of the Sea also received the award Gaudí for the best television series in 2020.


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