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Carsten Maschmeyer is not only one of the richest people in the Federal Republic of Germany, but also a by no means undisputed figure in public life. Günther Jauch has already criticized him publicly. The billionaire is best known for his greed. Since 2016 he can be seen in the TV format “Die Höhle der Löwen” as an investor. In fact, one of the richest German citizens was able to give the TV format a completely new stamp. Maschmeyer replaced Vural Öger, who resigned before the show in 2016 and thus roars at the side of Judith Williams, Ralf Dümmel, Dagmar Wöhrl, Nico Rosberg, Nils Glagau, Georg Kofler Frank Thelen (retired). Carsten Maschmeyer was good at helping the show’s credibility.

Because the founder of the financial service provider AWD is a seasoned entrepreneur and therefore a very good substitute for Öger. Because questionable business practices are still held against the entrepreneur today. In any case, his wife, actress Veronica Ferres, encouraged her husband to smile a lot. Maschmeyer himself says that he might end up with Veronica because of his money. That certainly can’t damage your own image. With a estimated assets of 1.2 billion euros Carsten Maschmeyer can also afford some investments.

Carsten Maschmeyer: With 50,000 DM to EURO billionaire

Carsten Maschmeyer net worth
According to estimates, Carsten Maschmeyer is now worth over a billion euros. It all started with only 50,000 DM. At the age of 28, the entrepreneur appeared for the first time as an independent financial advisor and thus invented a completely new field of services in this country. He was later able to sell his consulting company for a sum of 1.2 billion euros. This exit is also primarily responsible for assets of around 1.2 billion euros.

Of course, other companies were founded in the years that followed. The entrepreneur also maintains a private equity fund, which is involved in two of the top 10 startups in this country. In this way, he also benefits from the inventions of many other bright minds. Because Carsten Maschmeyer knows that you either have to become an inventor yourself or discover the inventions of others and invest in them if you want to be successful.

Political scandals and controversy

In 1998, Maschmeyer hit the headlines during the election campaign because he ran an advertising campaign worth DM 650,000 in the state elections in Lower Saxony, which was intended to prevent Lafontaine from becoming chancellor. He allegedly contributed 150,000 DM to Schröder’s general election campaign in the same year, with allegations of concealment of origin. The entrepreneur denied this donation, which is said to have clearly violated the party donation law.

But it was not just his closeness to politics, but above all his apparently questionable business practices, for which Maschmeyer was repeatedly and severely criticized. Both the ARD and the NDR reported on thousands of small investors who fell for the AWD and are said to have lost their assets in this way. Today’s billionaire took tough legal action against these allegations, which of course didn’t exactly benefit his image. Voices were already loud that Maschmeyer wanted to fight the freedom of the press with this, provided that it was about his person. So there are plenty of reasons why an image gain with the TV format “Die Höhle der Löwen” is a real blessing for the rich entrepreneur. In the previous seasons, the successful entrepreneur has been very personable and a true gentleman. So far, he has invested around 10 million euros of his gigantic fortune in startups.

Startup investments

Through his two investment companies seed & speed + ALSTIN, the lion holds some exciting stakes in various startups. The seed & speed arm is also responsible for most of the lion’s den startups:

Investments made (deals) at DHDL

The following deals actually came about during or after the broadcast and are intended to further increase wealth:

Season 10 – Fall 2021

  • Life-size floor plan (150,000 euros for 12.55%)
  • HealthMe – shopping app for allergy sufferers (125,000 euros for 13%)
  • MyTAAG – digital business card (50,000 euros for 30%)
  • independesk – desk rental (100,000 euros for 7.5%)
  • KOHPA – conductive paper (66,666 euros for 11%)
  • LAUFMAUS – ergonomic handles (140,000 euros for 12.55%)

Season 9 – Spring 2021

  • Ajuma – UV Bodyguard (55,000 euros for 12.5%)
  • Coffee Colorato – coffee printer (87,500 euros for 12.5%)
  • nao / qinao – energy coated tablets (150,000 euros for 12.5%)
Season 8 – Fall 2020

  • Bruxane – smart aligner (200,000 euros for 12%)
  • Green Mnky – printer for smartphone protective films (200,000 euros for 12%)
  • Medusch – cold bath for the shower (100,000 euros for 15%)
  • Preside – digital size advice (650,000 euros for 15%)
  • Flowkiss – caffeine-containing shower (45,000 euros for 12.5%)
  • HyConnect – fiber connection (250,000 euros for 8.75%)
Season 6 2019

  • iCapio – fishing bait (95,000 euros for 20%)
  • The horse app – stable management (150,000 euros for 24.9%)
Season 5 2018

  • Smartsleep – sleep regeneration (750,000 euros for 16.6%)
  • Ello – electric rollator (200,000 euros for 15%)
  • Finanzguru – Finanz App (1,000,000 euros for 15%)
  • CureSys – car security (300,000 euros for 25.1%)
  • Cake gossip – cakes from seniors (50,000 euros for 5%)
  • Aspura Clip – Inhaler (300,000 euros for 15%)
  • Aktimed – Physio-Tape (75,000 euros for 12.5%)
Season 4 2017

  • Moveaid / ReMod – walking aid (100,000 euros for 11%)
  • MySchleppApp – roadside assistance (125,000 euros for 25%)
  • Parodonts – gum care gel (100,000 euros for 30%)
  • Veluvia – dietary supplement (150,000 euros for 12.55%) – Exit
  • Foodguide – Food Travel Community (450,000 euros for 31.6%)
  • Talentcube – video application (400,000 euros for 33.3%)
season 3 2016

  • Limberry – Dirndl (125,000 euros for 10%)
  • Blufixx – super adhesive (300,000 euros for 20%)
  • Lizza – (75,000 euros for 12.5%)

Further seed & speed investments:

  • MATE
  • LuckaBox
  • Enginsight
  • ZkSystems
  • prewave
  • Right now
  • Flock
  • medlanes
  • aimo
  • Shape me
  • Thryve
  • vAudience
  • 8i
  • Cashlink
  • Scorp

Investments via ALSTIN:

  • Blacklane
  • Bitwala
  • Alyne
  • crealytics
  • orderbird
  • contentbird
  • crossverties
  • ExB
  • fliit
  • NECT
  • Neodigital
  • Quobyte
  • Stocard
  • Studydrive
  • usercentrics

Own books

Carsten Maschmeyer is not only an entrepreneur and investor, but also the author of several books:

  • 2016: The Millionaire Formula: The Road to Financial Independence
  • 2018: Self-made: The formula for success – With start-up chapter START UP!
  • 2021: The six elements of success: How to change your life

SAT1 Show: “START UP! Who will be Germany’s best founder? “

At Sat1, the wealthy businessman and billionaire had his own start-up show in 2018 called “START UP! Who will be Germany’s best founder? “. The investor should invest one million euros for the best idea and will then hold 49% of the startup. The other 51% should remain in the founder’s hands. The winner was Jennifer Schwade with her startup “shape me”. The audience ratings for the show were so bad that it was promptly canceled.

Photo: Martin Black

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