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How rich is Mikhail Khodorkovsky?

Not only is Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky considered one of Putin’s fiercest opponents, but he’s also had a rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to his fortune. The latest estimates suggest that the former oligarch today “only” 90 million euros should be. However, other sources even report that Mikhail Khodorkovsky could possibly be as poor as a church mouse. Forbes found in 2004 that the former billionaire was worth $ 15 billion at the time. A year later, in 2005, only 2.2 billion US dollars were left of this fortune. His time in prison has certainly hurt his wealth. But anyone who has to go to jail for tax evasion and planned fraud cannot expect a different fate.

From oligarch to convict

Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Once the richest man in Russia and now one of Putin’s most bitter opponents who should protect himself from the power of the head of state – only life writes such stories. The Russian entrepreneur and former oligarch once worked in the oil industry as CEO of the now insolvent Yukos group. But Mikhail Khodorkovsky was not only smashed by the breakdown of the oil company. Rather, he ended up whole 10 years in prison and was only released from custody in December 2013. Voices have been raised internationally that his arrest was possibly politically motivated. However, the European Court of Human Rights did not agree with this assessment of the situation in September 2011.

The release in December 2013 came as a real surprise to the world public. Because nobody would have expected that Mikhail Khodorkovsky would be successful with his pardon. After all, Waldimir Putin had to sign the pardon as head of state himself. This probably wanted to strengthen his public image a little. Because how could he refuse Mikhail Khodorkovsky his request when his mother was seriously ill and the ex-billionaire had to see her while she was still alive? So Mikhail Khodorkovsky was actually released and has lived in Switzerland ever sincewhile Putin was able to present himself as a great savior in need. In December 2015, however, it became known that the ex-billionaire who is alleged to have committed the murder of the former mayor of the Russian city of Nefteyugansk is now being investigated again in Russia.

Since Mikhail Khodorkovsky is now a free man again, he has not commented on how much of his former fortune he has left. Apparently he doesn’t know these numbers. But critics are certain that Khodorkovsky is only fooling them into thinking that this is something. Because in connection with his arrest, a large part of the Yukos goodwill was transferred to the Russian government. It would therefore be all too understandable if Mikhail Khodorkovsky wanted to hide his remaining assets from Putin in particular. Because Khodorkovsky and his partners are said to have run the oil company through a front company in Gibraltar. This front company called GML continues to exist and could be incredibly valuable. According to other reports, however, Khodorkovsky no longer holds shares in GML. Only the ex-billionaire will be able to finally say what is really true.

Much criticism of the ex-billionaire

Mikhail Khodorkovsky net worth
Mikhail Khodorkovsky has always been a very controversial figure in public life, which probably brings his immense wealth with it. Because the slowly beginning privatization of the Soviet Union had shamelessly exploited Khodorkovsky for his own purposes in order to secure the oil rights to Yukos more or less illegally. The self-proclaimed “robber baron” was well aware that it was not always legal. Similar tactics were also used by Roman Abramowitsch, who, however, was always loyal to the Kremlin and therefore never had anything to fear. Khodorkovsky is also charged with dubious attempts to seize power in Russia. After he has already publicly denounced Putin several times and is probably not satisfied with simply living a tranquil life far away from the rest of the world in exile in Switzerland, we can be curious to see what headlines the ex-billionaire will make in the future .

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