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David Garrett is an absolutely exceptional talent who has brought violin music closer to a younger generation. Because the gifted star violinist delivers crossover music with his beloved instrument that gets under your skin. The world star, the one Has assets of over 7 million euros, has German and American citizenship. He has currently chosen quivering New York City as his place of residence, where he lives rather modestly on just 80 square meters in the Flatiron District. The beautiful violinist, who could easily pass as a male model, lives out his love for luxury sports cars with his Audi R8. Having a car in New York City is a real luxury. Its interior is just as stylish as its style.

Because David Garrett, whose real name is actually David Christian Bongartz, likes it edgy. In fact, if you look closely at David, he doesn’t look like a dusty violinist. Incidentally, David Garrett is not a fictitious stage name. Rather, Garrett is the last name of David’s mother Dove, an American ballerina who married David’s German father, giving her son dual citizenship.

Girlfriend and personal life of David Garrett

In her private life, things are sometimes a bit rough for the star. Long hair and tattered jeans contribute to his extremely cool image, which is also said to have fascinated the ex-GNTM candidate Jennifer Hof. David was in a relationship with her in the past. The story with the porn actress Kendall Karson got a little out of hand. In 2014 the star violinist booked her as an escort girl in New York and fell in love with her. The two were even engaged until the relationship broke up in February 2016. In June 2016 it emerged that Kendall Karson is now suing him. He is said to have beaten her and forced them to extreme sex practices, according to the former porn slut, who wants several million in damages.

The violinist has been in a fixed relationship again since 2019 and should still be totally happy. Unfortunately, there is no information about the name of his girlfriend.

David Garrett – EXPLOSIVE Live! Tour 2016

In autumn 2016 the exceptional musician gave his Explosive Live! Germany / Austria tour a total of 15 concerts. The tour was specially tailored for David Garrett so that he himself played on the center stage with a 360 degree stage.

From classic to crossover

David Garrett’s career began quite classically. Little David was already busy with his violin when he was only four years old, after which his father, the lawyer and violin auctioneer Georg Paul Bongartz, gave him his first lessons. Because Georg Paul Bongartz worked part-time as a violin teacher, so that his son David, the middle of three children, was able to make an early start with this instrument. At the age of around five, David was able to win his first prize in “Jugend musiziert”. It was not until the age of eight that he was allowed to use his mother’s maiden name as a stage name, as it simply had more star appeal than his father’s name. David secured his first record deal at the age of 12, with the young violinist playing mainly Mozart violin concerts at that time.

David Garrett net worth
The budding star violinist was called “the greatest violinist of his generation” very early on. However, there is a lot of hard work behind this exceptional talent. As a child, David Garrett had practiced making music with the violin for eight hours every day, as he himself admits. The violinist graduated from high school in Aachen and went straight to London, where he enrolled at the Royal College of Music. Above all, Garrett followed his parents’ wishes. Because the gifted musician was actually more drawn to New York himself. So it was not surprising that David rarely attended his lectures and therefore soon had to leave college. Now he could finally fulfill his dream of New York and free himself from the influence of his parents. David moved in with his brother, who was already enrolled as a student in the US metropolis.

The music of David Garrett

So now it was time to find a new identity as a musician. David Garrett more or less became his own manager and worked out the concept for an album, which should mainly contain crossover music and not purely classical tones. He worked with the music label Decca from London. The record company was not behind the artist, so this album was never released. The artist only achieved his breakthrough in 2006 when he worked with the German concert promoter DEAG from Berlin. DEAG understood the concept that Garrett was pursuing and supported the artist across the board. As a “violin rebel”, the musician now had a completely new image, which also changed his look.

In 2014 David Garrett was able to inspire many German fans on another crossover tour. In the meantime, the violinist has achieved real star status, which is also reflected in his collaboration with well-known brands such as s.Oliver, for which he designed a t-shirt collection in 2009. The violinist also made an entry in the Guinness Book of Records from 2008 to 2010 and was known as “the fastest violinist” during this time. So far, Garrett has made his fortune primarily from tour revenues, but also from the following albums:

  • 1994: Violin Sonata
  • 1995: Mozart: Violin Concerts KV 218 and 271a, Sonata for Piano and Violin in B flat major KV 454
  • 1997: Paganini Caprices
  • 2001: Tchaikovsky
  • 2001: Conus: Violin Concertos
  • 2002: Pure Classics
  • 2005: No Dress Code
  • 2007: Free
  • 2007: Virtuoso
  • 2008: Encore (released in the US under the name “David Garrett”)
  • 2009: Classic Romance
  • 2010: Rock Symphonies
  • 2011: Legacy
  • 2012: Music
  • 2013: Garrett vs. Paganini (published in Great Britain under the name “Caprice”)
  • 2014: Timeless- Brahms & Bruch Violin Concertos (David Garrett returns to his roots)
  • 2015: Explosive
  • 2017: Rock Revolution
  • 2018: Unlimited
  • 2020: Alive – My Soundtrack

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