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The fortune of Jean-Claude van Damme

How rich is Jean-Claude van Damme?

Jean-Claude van Damme, whose real name is actually Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg, is one of the few Europeans who really made it to the top in Hollywood. He now has an esteemed one Assets of 33.5 million euros. Without his martial arts talent, the Belgian actor would probably not have become so successful. Because his martial arts have earned him several leading roles in numerous action flicks. His nickname is correspondingly appropriate. Because Jean-Claude van Damme is often referred to as “The Muscles from Brussels”, which translates as “The muscles from Brussels”. The action star celebrates his big comeback in the Amazon Prime series “Jean-Claude Van Johnson”.

Five marriages and turbulent times

Despite all his current wealth and marital happiness with Mrs. Gladys, who had three children, there were also worse times. You had to worry about the Belgian actor too. In the 90s he could hardly get rid of cocaine. Week after week he gave the equivalent of around 9,500 euros for the white powder out. In 1996 he went to therapy because of this problem, which he quickly stopped within just one month. In addition, the actor was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which certainly did not always make life easy for his wives.

Jean-Claude van Damme's fees
Because in total, Jean-Claude Camille married François Van Varenberg five times. He married the mother of his three children twice and continues to be with her. The marriage with Maria Rodriguez only lasted from 1980 to 1984. Shortly afterwards, however, the Belgian married a second time. From 1985 to 1986 he was married to Cynthia Derderian. After this marriage also fell apart, he was married to a former fitness trainer and bodybuilder named Gladys Portugues from 1987 to 1992. She is currently his wife again. From 1994 to 1997 the famous actress Darcy LaPier was the woman at his side. He then divorced her and returned to the mother of his children. The Belgian has been back since 1999 with his ex Gladys Portugues.

This is how Jean-Claude van Damme’s career began

Van Damme grew up bilingual and was allowed to train at the tender age of 10 with a karate trainer named Claude Goetz in Brussels. Even if his parents didn’t know at the time, they put that down with it Foundation stone for the later Hollywood career her son. In addition to bodybuilding, ballet also became one of Jean-Claude van Damme’s great passions. He trained in dance at the age of 16 and can still benefit from his very good body control to this day. All of the hard training paid off when I was only 19. After all, Jean-Claude was named middleweight champion by the European Professional Karate Association. He’s got the black belt too, of course.

In 1978 he was able to enjoy the title “Mister Belgium” as a bodybuilder. It was clear to the Belgian very early on that Jean-Claude van Damme wanted to pursue a career as an actor. It was precisely for this reason that he moved to the USA in 1982 with an old childhood friend named Michel Qissi. While he was initially able to make his way as a bouncer, fitness trainer and limousine driver, success was still a long time coming. He also acquired American citizenship and then he had his big break Chuck Norris Thanks to. He made sure that he was used as a stuntman for the action flick “Missing in Action”.

Lots of film highlights and high salaries for Jean-Claude van Damme

The fortune of Jean-Claude van Damme
The karate champion was able to secure his first major role in 1986. At that time he played the antagonist in “Karate tiger. “From this point on, things should start to improve for Jean-Claude van Damme. His big breakthrough came in 1988 when he worked on “Bloodsport”. However, the actor not only had rosy times. While the following films were big box office hits, the action star even lived on the streets of LA at times. These strips made him fortune: Cyborg, Karate Tiger 3, Timecop, Leon, Concentrated Charge – Double Impact. Sylvester Stallone offered the karate tiger a role in “The Expendables”, which the latter refused. He later regretted his decision and then played in the sequel “The Expendables 2”. In 2016 he lent his voice to the master Kroko in “Kung Fu Panda 3”. A series on the streaming platform Amazon Prime also came out with him: “Jean-Claude Van Johnson”.

A film worth several million US dollars is not uncommon. Jean-Claude van Damme is a great actor and can demand a salary accordingly. $ 8 million gage For example, he won for “Street Fighter”, where he starred alongside Kylie Minogue. For the film “Hard Corps” from 2006 Jean-Claude van Damme was the star cast, he got the leading role in it. He received a fee of $ 3 million for this. In 1995 for “Sudden Death” he received 5 million US dollars. A well paid actor!

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