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The fortune of OJ Simpson

How much money does OJ Simpson have?

How rich is OJ Simpson really as a free man? This is a question that seems to preoccupy the whole world. It is safe to speculate, as nobody knows exactly how much the ex-footballer could actually have earned in jail. American media assume, however, that Orenthal James Simpson should not have that little on the high edge. The cherished OJ Simpson’s net worth is € 2.5 million. That’s quite a lot of money for someone who has been in prison for as many years as OJ and is now only on probation that, if done well, does not expire until 2022. American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson is a very popular series on Netflix. A good way to form an opinion about what really happened back then.

Income from OJ Simpson
However, every speculation is based on a few solid figures that were provided by ESPN, for example. After all, the former American football player’s previous sports pension is said to be between 365,000 and 500,000 euros. How high this amount actually turns out depends primarily on when OJ started drawing the pension due to him. So that does one per month Pension payments from a good 3,300 euros to 8,700 euros. OJ was free to draw a pension from the age of 55. However, he could only take the pension payments later, for example from the age of 65. The amount available remained the same. If you start the payments later, they will be correspondingly higher.

In the meantime, the ex-footballer has already passed the mark of 70 and has therefore been able to draw his pension for more than 15 years. What benefits one of the greatest athletes of all time is the fact that his pension is protected by the relevant legislation. Despite his offenses and the title worth the equivalent of 33 million euros, which the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald L. Goldman were able to obtain in a civil court following their murder, the ex-athlete does not have to make any payments from his pension fund. It should be through his pension fund as a free man to live quite well.

OJ’s current fortune – a shadow of its former wealth

However, the fortune of OJ Simpson today is only a fraction of the fortune that the professional athlete was once able to dispose of. In the year of divorce from ex-wife Nicole, the American should 9 million euros have been. If you factor in inflation, this corresponds to a total of 15.75 million euros today. The sports star’s NFL salary was also made public during his divorce. He is said to have earned a good 45,500 euros per month in 1992, which nowadays would correspond to a good 80,500 euros per month. OJ owed a large part of this merit to the car rental company Hertz, for whom he appeared as an advertising figure for almost 20 years.

Some lawsuits and serious allegations

The fortune of OJ Simpson
Even if OJ Simpson was acquitted of the murder of ex-wife Nicole and her boyfriend, the outcome of the civil lawsuit mentioned above is still a burden on his finances. In the criminal trial for the murder of his ex-wife Nicola Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldmann, OJ Simpson was acquitted. The racism of the investigators was also in the room at the time and despite some DNA evidence, the racism allegations probably saved the Football Star from conviction. In a subsequent civil lawsuit, was OJ Simpson sentenced to pay $ 33.5 million in damages to the bereaved. The families affected will probably not see their money anytime soon. Because in an interview with the US broadcaster CNBC, which appeared in 2014, one of the family members said that OJ had previously paid less than one percent of the amount due to them. Retirement benefits and real estate that a defendant lives in are not attachable in Florida.

Unless Simpson finds other sources of income as a free man, the chances that the families will receive their millions are therefore rather poor. After all, it is The pension of the former sports star is inviolable, at least in this respect. Regardless of whether he is getting 3,300 or 8,700 euros per month in pension, OJ Simpson should at least be able to finance a life without luxury with it. So there is hardly a reason for the former footballer to look for a more lucrative job. After all, he shouldn’t keep the income from it anyway and would therefore work in vain.


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