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When Chris Brown is mentioned, many people think of his acts of violence against the singer Rihanna, with whom Chris Brown was dating from 2007 to 2009. The world public was shocked when photos of the clearly battered Rihanna appeared. In this context, Chris Brown was arrested. On March 5, 2009, he was charged with threat and assault. The pictures of Rihanna’s grazes and her bruises on her face not only went around the world then, but are still remembered today. Despite his responsibility in this matter, the singer and rapper, who at least had one Assets of more than 45 million euros has just escaped a prison sentence because he was able to negotiate a deal with the competent judge.

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His five-year prison sentence was suspended, and Chris Brown was also sentenced to 190 community hours and anti-aggression training. In addition, he was not allowed to come closer than 45 meters to Rihanna, with an exception for public events and a distance of only 9 meters was permitted. The incident between Chris and Rihanna happened when Rihanna discovered a text message from Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend on his cell phone. CB had previously denied this and was then completely freaked out when Rihanna, who had not spoken about the incident for a long time and initially also withdrew from the public, had spoken to him about it. The whole thing doesn’t seem to have hurt his career too much though, as Chris Brown is still big in business. Apparently, pop stars can get away with a lot.

Chris Brown as a smart businessman

In the late summer of 2015 it became known that Chris Brown does not only earn his money with the music business. Because during an interview with Us Weekly he announced that he 14 Burger King restaurants in the US include. It is not clear since when Brown has been running these restaurants. Perhaps he just wants to build up a second pillar as a franchisee with the Burger King brand or make provisions for his old age. After all, Brown has a young daughter, for whom he is supposed to pay around 8,777 euros per month. The relationship between Chris Brown and his daughter’s mother, Nia Guzman, is probably not the best either. Because he had complained publicly on Twitter that Nia also used their daughter to make a living.

More interesting facts

Chris Brown net worth
Chris Brown has been through a lot in his life that there are many interesting facts to share about him. Before he appeared as rapper and singer Chris Brown, the American was known, for example, by the stage name C-Syzle. By the way, Chris Brown doesn’t have a high school diploma because he simply dropped out of school in 10th grade and moved to New York to pursue his music career there at the age of 16. Fortunately, the singer succeeded in doing this, and has therefore been very successful in the music business since 2005. For his debut album, which was created in less than 8 weeks, CB took out 50 songs, of which only 14 were then selected for the album. The rapper announced early on that the now deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was one of his greatest role models.

At the BET Awards 2010, after MJ’s death, Chris Brown even performed “Man In The Mirror,” to pay tribute to his deceased idol. At the end of his performance, he collapsed on stage crying, which shows what the death of Michael Jackson meant for Chris Brown. By the time Breezy made it to the top of the charts, he had already produced 3 other albums. Because only his fourth album, “FAME,” was at number 1 in the US charts. His next album, “Fortune,” made it to number 1 not only in the USA but also in Great Britain. That the rapper, as an exceptional musical talent, has only won one Grammy so far should come as a surprise to many people. But since his career is still far from coming to an end, there may still be a few Grammys in the future.

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