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The fortune of rapper Shindy (aka Michael Schindler)

How much money does Shindy have in his bank account?

It is not known exactly how wealthy Shindy, whose real name is actually Michael Konrad Schindler, is. GQ reported in 2015 that the rapper was still on his way to making the first million. In the meantime, Shindy should be worth 4 million euros, who owes his career luck mainly to the rapper Bushido. He, who now and then also appears as a producer, has not only German, but also Greek roots. His collaboration with Kay One, on whose album “Prince of Belvedair” he could be heard, has finally made Shindy known in this country.

Shindy fortune
Shindy grew up as the son of a Greek and a German and was often to be found during his childhood in the restaurant that his Greek grandparents ran. Little Michael rapped for the first time when he was 12. At the age of just 16, he met Jaysus. Together with the rapper, who was already established at the time, Shindy, who was still in its infancy as a rapper, was able to produce his first tracks. But the publication of these freetracks did not bring him the breakthrough he was looking for.

How Shindy became known and successful as a rapper

In 2012, the rapper went to the label of the rap great Bushido, although there was initially no official contract. Nevertheless, Shindy was to be heard a short time later on the album by Kay One. The single “Finale we come” even climbed to number 29 in the German charts and Shindy was also there for this song. However, after Shindy and Kay One went their separate ways, the rapper sought contact with Bushido again. Now he finally got the long-awaited record deal and was able to enter the charts at number 51 with his first single. A Disstrack directed against the rapper Kay One appeared in May 2013 and was therefore not long in coming. Conflicts and controversies with other rappers seem to be a part of Shindy’s career.

Big money with music: how does Shindy get his fortune?

The rapper released his debut album called “NWA” in July 2013. Only a week later, however, the album was indexed after the song “Stress ohne Grund” had been removed from YouTube. It was only a second studio album, which Shindy should bring the greatest successes of his career so far. Because “FVCKB! TCHE $ GETMONE ¥,” the album released in October 2014, should even be among the 5 best-selling rap albums of 2014 have heard. Shindy was even able to secure the coveted gold status (sales of 100,000 units) with his second LP, where he also worked with rappers like Kollegah and Ali Bumaye. In 2015 the German rapper was not idle either and released the cooperation album Cla $$ ic together with Bushido, which also received gold status. The album “DREAMS” was released on November 11, 2016 and also went gold.

Own music label – “Friends with Money”

The current album “Drama” was released on July 12, 2019 for the first time under his own music label “Friends with Money”. With the Affalterbach track, he gave a little foretaste of what the fans would expect months beforehand. The album is already named as the artist’s most successful album. The first numbers promise a lot and we are excited.

More income opportunities from Shindy

But apart from the music, too, things are going well for Shindy, because on May 9th, 2016 he will publish his own book “The Beauty and the Beats”, which will also contribute quite a bit to his growing fortune as a Spiegel bestseller. The rapper now even works as a model and advertises a fashion company called Caylor & Sons. Shindy also earns good money with his strong presence in social media and of course the YouTube channel. On the other hand, the rapper keeps a low profile about his private life, so it is not officially known whether Shindy currently has a girlfriend or is single.

The conflict with Kay One

The conflict with Kay One has probably caused the biggest waves during Shindy’s career. Because with the rappers, Dissen just seems to be part of the business, so that one almost has to wonder whether all of this is not just a scam in order to earn a lot of money with the associated record sales. The Disstrack “Alcoholized Pedophiles” published by Shindy, which was directed against Kay One personally, was only the tip of the iceberg. Because Bushido is also said to have dissed a lot and even put masked stabbers on his rap colleague. Even Shindy did not leave it alone with the allegation of pedophilia, which he brought not only against Kay One, but also against the rapper’s father. Rather, it seemed to be about money, as Shindy reportedly was not paid for both appearances alongside Kay One and work on his album. Of course, Kay One didn’t let this sit on her and even released her own Disstracks that were directed against Bushido and Shindy. However, the rapper went one step further when he appeared on German television on Stern TV and reported there on Bushido’s alleged mafia connection. While Shindy was initially directly involved in the quarrels between the two rappers, he gradually became just an extra for this dispute.

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