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The fortune of rock musician Ozzy Osbourne

How rich is Ozzy Osbourne?

The rock star Ozzy Osbourne is by no means an undisputed figure in public life. Ozzy, whose real name is actually John Michael, made headlines with his sex addiction. Despite all his antics, his wealth is all the more impressive. After all, the rocker did Ozzy Osbourne net worth 185 million euros.

Parkinson’s disease

In early 2020, Ozzy announced that he had Parkinson’s disease. The diagnosis was made in early 2019 and yet the rock star still wants to go on tour. He feels good and is far from dying anytime soon.

The Osbourne Family Fortune

Always rumors of divorce from Sharon?

In the event of a divorce, a bitter battle over the various Osbournes properties could break out. The couple had only bought an apartment in West Hollywood for EUR 3.75 million in 2014. Add to this the stately home in the family’s old home in Buckinghamshire, England. In addition, Ozzy and his wife are said to have bought a huge property in Hancock Park, which is proud Is worth 11.3 million euros.

Incidentally, Sharon Osbourne is said to be just as rich as her husband. Although she didn’t just make her fortune as the manager of Ozzy Osbourne. Rather, Sharon was also seen on US TV with her own talk show. In addition, she received her fees as a juror on the talent shows America’s Got Talent and X Factor UK. Ozzy got his money with his career as a musician and the Reality Show “The Osbournes” earned, in which some of his children and his wife were also involved.

How much money could his divorce really cost Ozzy Osbourne?

Now that his 33-year marriage to Sharon seems to be falling apart, one can speculate cheerfully, how much the divorce can cost the rocker. Allegedly, the rocker has already moved to a hotel where he is temporarily living. His drug and alcohol excesses, coupled with his affairs, were probably finally too much for Sharon. Even if this is not the first time the Osbournes have split up in public, most observers see this separation as the final end of the relationship between the two.

The Ozzy Osbourne Net Worth
It is not clear whether Ozzy and Sharon signed a prenuptial agreement. If this is not the case, however, the couple’s entire fortune would be divided equally. This could mean that one partner pays the other for the real estate. Alternatively, the joint property can also be sold so that both partners would receive their share. At least it can Sharon can hold a candle to her husband financially. Thus, despite all of his extremely public antics, Ozzy Osbourne does not have to expect too great financial losses. The approximately 141 million euros that he has earned with over 100 million album sales should also belong to the singer in the future.

The separation of their parents will affect his children more emotionally than financially. Because they too made good money thanks to the TV show “The Osbournes”. The series, which was shown on MTV from 2002 to 2005, brought the Osbournes the equivalent of 18,828 euros per episode during the first season. In the second to fourth season, each family member should then already have 4.7 million euros per season have received.

Over the past few years, there has been constant speculation about whether the rock star and his wife will get a divorce? In 2017, however, things turned out very differently, as the couple renewed their vows shortly before their 35th wedding anniversary.

The eventful life of Ozzy Osbourne

John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne has given the heavy metal scene a whole new face. The British rock musician did what few musicians do. Ozzy was with Black Sabbath and with his subsequent solo career he also became a real star in the USA. The nicknames “Godfather of Metal” (in German: “Pate des Metal”) and “Prince of Darkness” (in German: “Prince of Darkness”) are well deserved not only thanks to his musical achievements, but also thanks to his dark image.

Without his wife Sharon, Ozzy Osbourne would not have been able to celebrate such great successes. After all, she was building Ozzfest in charge. Initially, no one believed that Ozzy could have made it to such fame from a simple background. After all, Ozzy Osbourne grew up with his five siblings and parents in a row house with only two rooms. Even in the comprehensive school, where John Michael took the nickname “Ozzy”, the later superstar attracted negative attention. This was mainly due to his spelling and reading weaknesses.

From failure to international superstar

Income from Ozzy Osbourne
After Ozzy Osbourne turned his back on school at the tender age of 15, it initially worked as a simple laborer and kept afloat with various odd jobs. In order to somehow get money, the later rocker even became a criminal as a burglar and thief and had to go to jail. But after the Briton was released, better times should finally dawn for him. From 1969 to 1979 Ozzy was finally able to celebrate great success with the band Black Sabbath in the role as lead singer.

The rock singer with a penchant for madness was also extremely successful as a solo artist. In April 2002, for example, he was with his own Star awarded on the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. Ozzy is still active on TV and as a musician today, unless he is plagued by his drug, sex and alcohol addiction. In 2017, Ozzy Osbourne and his son Jack will also be seen on TV in Germany with a historic trip around the world.

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