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The fortune of the beautiful Emma Watson

How rich is Emma Watson?

Emma Watson was shown in the cinemas in March 2017 with the remake of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. If the film hits the world like a bomb as planned, their wealth will continue to grow. She has already received a whopping fee of 2.8 million euros for the film. On the first day of the cinema alone, the film, in which Emma plays the female lead, grossed around 59.4 million euros. This makes the film the third most successful film ever to be released in March. Actress Emma Watson has a sizable one Assets of 65 million euros.

Emma Watson's fees
As reported by the Hollywood Reporter in the US, Emma Watson will also receive a financial share of the film’s box office revenues. The more people watch this flick in the cinema, the more their fortunes are likely to grow this year. According to current estimates, it can be assumed that the film should bring in around 695 million euros. Then Emma Watson’s cash registers would also ring properly. If you look at these lucrative sums, you might not be surprised that Emma Watson had turned down a role in “La La Land” – even though the film did so well at the previous Academy Awards.

Emma Watson spent the first five years of her life in Paris, where she was born. Your nationality is UK, however Actress is a proud British woman. At the age of 5, she moved to England with her parents, Jacqueline and Chris Watson, both lawyers. In 1995 the parents divorced. Emma and her three years younger brother Alex have lived with their mother in Oxford since then.

A fortune in the millions with the Harry Potter series

When the very first Harry Potter film released in 2001, Emma Watson was just 11 years old. So she was able to lay the foundation for her later career at an early stage and indeed owes a lot to the Harry Potter fans. Emma remained true to her role in all subsequent Potter films until 2007, before she devoted herself to many other film projects. At the height of her Harry Potter career, it can be assumed that Emma Watson earned between 14 and 18.5 million euros a year in acting fees alone.

Emma Watson's fortune
While a role in a small British TV flick followed in 2008, Emma stayed in her Harry Potter career until 2011. In March 2009, this even resulted in Emma being ranked 6th on Forbes’ list of “Most Valuable Young Stars”. Then, in February 2010, she was named Hollywood’s Highest Paid Female Star. This was because they im In 2009 had earned a good 25 million euros. From 2009 Emma was also active as a model and drew attention to herself with her campaign for Burberry, which is said to have brought her a high six-figure amount, which also increased her fortune.

The British style also ensured that Emma Watson could look forward to another award. Since working with the fashion label, she had finally risen to become a true fashion icon. The actress won the British Fashion Award in 2014 in the category “Best British Style” excellent. It has already proven that this beauty also has something in its head. After all, she received her degree in English literature from the elite Brown University in the United States.

The activist Emma Watson

Above all, the issue of women’s rights is very important to the beautiful actress and likes to donate some of her assets to a good cause. To promote equality and equality for women, Emma Watson is considered UN special envoy already traveled across the world. She has been active in this role since summer 2014. Emma also took part in the Women’s March on Washington to protest against the inauguration of President Donald Trump in the USA on January 21, 2017. The actress doesn’t hold back at all with her political opinion.

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