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The fortune of top model Lena Gercke

How much money does top model Lena Gercke have?

Lena Gercke has an esteemed Assets of 6 million euros. A tidy sum for the winner of a TV casting show, which model mom Heidi Klum owes a lot to. The pretty Lena is undisputedly one of the most successful Klum offspring in this country. Because she has managed to stay relevant far beyond the TV format – not only as a model, but also on TV as a presenter. Lena Gercke and Dustin Schöne had their first daughter Zoe on July 6, 2020.

How much does Lena Gercke
The smart Lena Gercke has made headlines with her relationships in the past. Right now she is happily in a relationship with Dustin Schöne and the two are expecting their first child together. Before that, the German national soccer player Sami Khedira had done it to her. The model has also dated boy band frontman Jay Khan in the past. Even if she is on the road a lot as a model and is in great demand, the pretty German has always made time for love.

Worthwhile advertising contracts for Lena Gercke

Whether for BMW or the cover of Cosmopolitan, Lena Gercke has already appeared in front of the camera for numerous well-known brands and has walked the world’s major catwalks. It was not the first time she took part in a casting at the beginning of 2006. Before “Germany’s Next Top Model”, Lena was already successful in the casting of a fast food chain in her region in August 2004. She was then booked not only for the catwalk, but also for photo shoots. Of course, she gets decent ones Fees that will keep your wealth growing.

The final breakthrough came when she won the first season of Heidi Klum’s show on ProSieben on March 29, 2006. At that time she took that Model agency IMG Models immediately under contract and a collaboration with the following labels and brands, Lena was soon sure:

  • various designers at the Berlin Fashion Week
  • Katjes
  • Oui set
  • Windows Live

The top model on TV

Lena Gercke fortune
Since winning Heidi’s casting show, Lena Gercke has often appeared on TV. The beautiful German was even allowed to moderate “Austria’s Next Top Model” from 2009 to 2012. Lena was also already standing for another ProSieben magazine called “red !,” which is primarily about the world of the beautiful, rich and celebrities as a presenter in front of the camera. In 2013 and 2014 she was also allowed to take a seat on the jury of “Das Supertalent” alongside Dieter Bohlen, Guido Maria Kretschmer and Bruce Darnell, who was also known to her as a model.

Super salary as a moderator

“Prankenstein” was another show for which Lena was hired by ProSieben in August 2015. It was mostly about funny pranks that were secretly filmed with a hidden camera. 2015 was also a good year for the model, since she has since been at the side of Thore Schölermann for the moderation of another casting show, namely “The Voice of Germany“, responsible for. The potential that Heidi Klum saw in Lena in 2006 was also noticed by the numerous TV producers. In November 2016, Lena Gercke also moderated “Germany dances,” a popular dance show.

2017 has already become an eventful year for the model. After all, she joined “beat the celebrity“Against another Lena, namely against Lena Meyer-Landrut. However, she had to admit defeat after 15 rounds. The duel between the two Lenas lasted a full six hours. Despite her good school leaving certificate, the model simply did not succeed in asserting herself against the singer Lena. Like much in her life, Lena Gercke took this “defeat” with humor. After all, the model has plenty of reason to laugh at her madness. She has also moderated the “About You Awards” since 2017

Since 2018 she has been on the jury of the inventor show “The thing of the year“. Incidentally, showmaster legend Stefan Raab had the idea for this show.

Current jobs as moderator:

  • The Voice of Germany (since 2015 – current representation)
  • About You Awards (since 2017)

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