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The fortune of US rapper Lil Wayne

How much money does Lil Wayne have?

In 2017, Lil Wayne made the headlines less with his fortune and more with his poor health. After all, the American rapper worried his fan base when he was hospitalized for an epileptic seizure. The star, whose real life name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., was previously found unconscious in his hotel room. The earlier announced early rapper retirement would have been better for the artist than the other concerts – especially in view of his already ailing health. After all, the artist has four children who certainly don’t want to lose their daddy anytime soon. However, the rapper continues diligently and his wealth increases with it. Lil Wayne has a cherished one Assets of 128 million euros.

Lil Wayne's fees
But could Money be a reasonwhy Lil Wayne continued to risk his health? Given that the rapper’s fortune is already so high, it seems unlikely. However, the star has spoken out on this matter herself. While most public figures like to pretend they are richer than they really are, Mr. Carter is very different. He has made it publicly known that he is not as rich as the media always thinks. What does that mean exactly? He didn’t want to reveal that. Nevertheless, we can assume that the current estimates of Lil Wayne’s fortune are realistic.

The successful artist

In view of the many successes Lily Wayne was able to record in his younger years, it is quite understandable that a break should not be easy for him. This is probably the case with most people who have turned their passion into a profession. After all, Weezy is a real thoroughbred artist who not only makes music himself, but has also appeared as an entrepreneur. After all, he has to be founded his own label called Young Money and thus actively influences the fate of other artists in the music business. Of course, he also earns cash with every record that comes out under his label.

Grammys and high salaries for Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne's fortune
The list of music icons with whom the rapper himself has already had the pleasure is also long. These include names like Akon, Chris Brown, Ludacris, TI, Keri Hilson, as well as T-Pain and Birdman. That his hard work paid off, was especially evident in 2008. At that time, Lil Wayne was nominated for eight Grammys – more awards than any other artist in the same year. In the end, he was able to take home four of the coveted prizes.

In recent years it has also been reported that it is not the record sales themselves that the rap star earns so richly from. Rather, it is above all the concerts that sometimes wash hundreds of thousands into his coffers. The best example of this are probably the live appearances on his album “Carter IV.” More than 50 shows in one year were on the cap of Lil Wayne, who more than $ 600,000 per night, that is, should have earned in just one night. A decent fee for a concert! Even for his Mountain Dew advertising, the artist was royally paid by Pepsi with several million. And then there is his clothing label Trukfit, which should also wash a lot of money into his anything but empty coffers.

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