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The net worth of actor Nicolas Cage

How rich is the actor Nicolas Cage?

In recent years, Nicolas Cage has not only made headlines with his numerous Hollywood films. Rather, it was also very publicly questioned why the actor has not been able to amass a large fortune so far. Because a valued one Assets of 21 million euros is more like peanuts for an actor in his league. This is especially true when you consider that Nicolas Cage received a fee of around 20 million euros each for many of his films. So did his divorces have anything to do with the huge loss of wealth? That seems unlikely, given that Nicholas Cage’s ex-wives are wealthy themselves to this day. Where are the around 140 million euros (150 million US dollars) that should actually be in the US actor’s account next to the current assets?

Nicolas Cage’s fees

There was even a time when Nicholas Cage was almost broke. At the time, he owed the US tax authorities a whopping 12.5 million euros. Nicolas Cage had just earned huge sums of money as one of the most successful men in Hollywood between 1996 and 2011, which is also a look at the following list of Nicolas Cage film fees from this time reveals:

  • Gage by Nicolas Cage
    20 million US dollar gage for “Gone in Sixty Seconds” (only 60 seconds left)
  • 20 million US dollar gage for “National Treasure”
  • 16 million US dollar gage for “Snake Eyes”
  • $ 20 million fee for “Windtalkers”

At the time, Nick Cage was even on Forbes’ list highest paid actor cited. In 2009 alone he is said to have earned 40 million US dollars, i.e. around 38.3 million euros. In the case of Nicolas Cage, however, it quickly became apparent that the actor simply cannot handle money. He made one crazy purchase after another. From luxury carts to exotic pets, the actor has simply lost much of his fortune.

Some of the most frivolous issues

What has the leading man from Hollywood hacked all his fortune on the head for? He is said to have competed with Leonardo DiCaprio, among others. It was about a dinosaur skull that is said to have been around 67 million years old. Nicholas Coppola finally placed the highest bid of the equivalent of over 287,000 euros. His two albino cobras may also have cost the actor a small fortune. The purchase of two islands south of Nassau wasn’t cheap either and at least it has Cost 6.7 million euros.

Cage also had to have the Lamborghini of the former Shah of Iran. He spent more than 430,000 euros on the Lamborghini Miura SVJ in 1997. With around 50 cars and 30 motorcycles that have now belonged to the TV and film producer, the preference for these fast companions must have cost him dearly. His collection included 9 Rolls Royce vehicles. He also has one Ferrari Enzo worth 957,000 euros, of which only 349 pieces were produced worldwide. The American’s extravagant lifestyle does not seem to know any limits. So the actor bought two locks at the same time. One of them in England for 7.65 million euros and another castle in the south of Germany.

Pure luxury for Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage's fortune
Of his four luxury yachts, only the largest has Yacht cost around 19 million euros. The yacht called Sarita also has 12 bedrooms with their own bathroom. The fact that Nicolas Cage is a real collector and hunter in real life simply cannot be denied. His collection also included, for example, the comic in which Superman first appeared. In addition, the actor’s house is said to have been a real zoo. Nick Cage’s personal pets included not only a crocodile and an octopus, but also a shark. In addition to his private jet, his 15 properties around the world also cost him a real fortune. After all, Nicolas Cage knows where his money has gone.

His love of art has also cost the Hollywood star dearly. Because his art collection included 50 extremely rare paintings by great artists of international art history. The California-born actor also showed his generous side to his ex-wives. He gave the ladies rich presents with diamond jewelry. However, after accumulating debt, Nicolas had to sell many of these properties again. One of the comics from his collection is said to have brought in 2.07 million euros. We can therefore be excited in the future, whether Nicolas Cage learned from his financial mistakes. Or whether he will also spend his remaining assets with full hands. The Oscar winner can certainly only afford that as long as he continues to be good in the TV and television business.

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