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The net worth of actor Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is one of the highest-paid actors and leading men in Hollywood for good reason. After all, almost every feature film in which the American is involved as a producer or actor is a resounding success. The films in which Tom Hanks played up to December 2013 were able to bring in 7.78 billion euros. The horrific fees for Tom Hanks are certainly worthwhile for the film studios as well. When it comes to the stars who keep making the box office ring the most, Hanks is the undisputed number one. Brad Pitt and George Clooney just can’t hold a candle to their colleagues either. The estimated fortune of 360 million euros is therefore not surprising.

Curious details about Tom Hanks’ achievements

Even if you take a closer look at the other facts about Tom Hanks’ blockbuster hits, the picture is interesting. Because in some of the films that brought in the most money for the film studios, Tom wasn’t even seen on the big screen himself. Rather, he has become the voice for funny cartoon characters on some of these projects. In the English-speaking world, Tom Hanks lends his voice to the cute Woody in Toy Story. With Toy Story 1 to 3, the actor was able to celebrate some of his greatest movie hits. These three films alone have worldwide 1.78 billion euros brought in. In Toy Story 4, too, the English-speaking audience can look forward to Tom Hanks as the voice of Woody.

Tom Hanks' fortune
While his film colleagues earn huge sums of money with advertising campaigns, Tom Hanks made a conscious decision against it. So he will not be seen in the TV spots of brands like Nespresso in the future either, as George Clooney, for example, likes to do. This is a major loss for the marketing professionals of many large companies. Because a survey showed that Tom Hanks as the most trustworthy of all Hollywood actors in the eyes of consumers. He might lose that title if he sold his name for money. But that’s exactly what the A-Lister doesn’t do. In any case, the superstar is not dependent on the income from possible advertising campaigns.

Interesting facts about the actor’s net worth

In the USA alone, Tom Hank’s homeland, the actor’s films grossed the equivalent of 4.13 billion euros. The A-Lister was also able to benefit from this and amass a fortune of 350 million US dollars. For “The Da Vinci Code” from 2006, for example, Hanks is supposed to have one Gage of $ 18 million received, which corresponds to the equivalent of 16.9 million euros. He was rewarded even better for “Angels & Demons” in 2009. There was 50 million US dollars (46.9 million euros) for the Leading Man from Hollywood.

Together with his wife Rita Wilson Tom Hanks owns several houseswhich are primarily located in the US state of California. One of his houses is said to be worth a mere 24 million euros. With four bedrooms and five bathrooms, it is certainly very good to live there. To be able to afford this luxury, Tom Hanks didn’t even need a university degree. Because he never completed his studies at California State University in Sacramento, the capital of the state of California. The college dropout seemed to be lucky. In addition, the Hanks couple have a holiday home on the Greek island of Andiparos, where they regularly spend summer vacations. To go with it, a beautiful luxury yacht.

Films and TV projects by Tom Hanks

Not only as an actor, but also as a producer, Tom Hanks has made a name for himself internationally with the following projects since the beginning of his career:

Film successes of the 80s

  • 1980 – Panische Angst / Love Boat
  • 1980 to 1982 – Bosom Buddies (TV series)
  • 1982 – Help We Grow Up / Labyrinth of Monsters
  • 1984 – Splash – A maiden on the hook / Bachelor Party
  • 1985 – Everything listens to my command / The madman with the violin case
  • 1986 – Nothing in Common – They have nothing in common / Gifts are still too expensive / Love is a game for time
  • 1987 – Weak cops don’t bite
  • 1988 – Big / Punchline – The bang effect
  • 1989 – My devilish neighbors / Scott & Huutsch

Top stripes in the 90s

  • 1990 – Purgatory of the Vanities / Joe against the Volcano
  • 1992 – In a class of its own / Flight into adventure
  • 1993 – Sleepless in Seattle / Philadelphia
  • 1994 – Forrest Gump
  • 1995 – Apollo 13 / Toy Story (Woody’s voice)
  • 1996 – That Thing You Do!
  • 1998 Saving Private Ryan / Email for you
  • 1999 – The Green Mile / Toy Story 2

Successful films since 2000

  • 2000 Cast Away
  • 2001 – Band of Brothers – We were like brothers
  • 2002 – My Big Fat Greek Wedding / Road to Perdition / Catch Me If You Can
  • 2004 – Elvis Has Left the Building / Ladykillers / Terminal / Der Polarexpress / Connie and Carla
  • 2006 – Cars / The Da Vinci Code – Da Vinci Code / Starter for Ten / Lucas the Ant fright
  • 2007 The Simpsons / Evan Almighty / Charlie Wilson’s War
  • 2008 – The Great Buck Howard / City of Ember – Escape from Darkness / Mamma Mia
  • 2009 – Illuminati / My Big Fat Greek Summer / Where the wild things live
  • 2010 – The Pacific / Toy Story 3
  • 2011 – Larry Crowne / Extremely loud & incredibly close
  • 2012 – Cloud Atlas
  • 2013 – Captain Phillips / Saving Mr. Banks
  • 2015 – Bridge of Spies – The Negotiator
  • 2016 – A hologram for the King / Sully / Inferno
  • 2017 – The Circle / The publisher
  • 2019 – Toy Story 4 / The wonderful Mr. Rogers

Awards for Tom Hanks

Gage from Tom Hanks
His theatrical feat has already caught the international film critics positively. The Hollywood superstar was therefore certainly able to look forward to the following awards for his outstanding performance:

  • Golden Globe 1989 – Best Actor in the Comedy Category (Big)
  • Golden Globe 1994 – Best Actor in the Drama Category (Philadelphia)
  • Oscar 1994 – Best Actor (Philadelphia)
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards 1995 – Best Actor (Forrest Gump)
  • Oscar 1995 – Best Actor (Forrest Gump)
  • Golden Globe 1995 – Best Actor in the Drama Category (Forrest Gump)
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards 1996 – Best Acting Company (Apollo 13)
  • Golden Globe 2001 – Best Actor in the Drama Category (Cast Away)
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom 2016
  • Golden Globe 2020 – Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement

Tom Hanks is definitely one of the best actors out there. He already has with his films many nice cinema and television experiences created. But he also got a lot to think about and played his film roles perfectly. Finally, a quote from Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get.”

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