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The Net Worth of Pretty Woman Julia Roberts

How much money does Julia Roberts have?

Julia Roberts' fortune
The mother of three Julia Roberts is clearly one of the leading ladies in Hollywood. It was in fact the film romance “Pretty Woman,” which made Julia suddenly a superstar of the international film scene at Richard Gere’s side in 1990. This film earned her an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe. However, there are many other films on her account in which she was not only able to earn a lot of money as a talented leading actress, but was also nominated for numerous other film awards. Julia Roberts’ smile is stunning, she has had it insured to be on the safe side. for 21 million euros the smile of the actress is assured.

The name Julia Roberts is now worth so much that she earns millions even if she only plays a small supporting role for which she only has to appear on set for a few days. Because when Julia Roberts plays, fans flock to the box office. Not only the film bosses benefited from this, but also the private fortune of the actress. She converted a Assets of 210 million euros and clearly outshines her husband, who has to deal with divorce rumors again and again.

Julia Roberts greatest blockbuster hits

In addition to “Pretty Woman”, countless other cinema hits have been added. For example, Julia was able to shine as “The bride who doesn’t dare”. This film was released in 1999 and in the same year she also starred in “Notting Hill”. “The Nudes” (1993) and “The Wedding of My Best Friend” in 1997 are among the other films with which Julia Roberts was able to position herself as a top actress in Hollywood several decades ago. After critics said that Julia Roberts was hardly usable for more serious roles, she proved the opposite in 2000. Because for her role as “Erin Brockovich,” a hit film that appeared in 2000, she was not only nominated for an Oscar, but also won it for best actress. In addition, she also received the Golden Globe for the same role. One year later, the next big box office hit followed, in which many other Hollywood A-listers were involved. In 2001 Julia Roberts appeared in “Ocean’s Eleven”. The sequel “Ocean’s 12” followed in 2004.

Julia Roberts: Unparalleled career for a millionaire fortune

How rich is Julia Roberts
In 2010, Julia Roberts was again part of a cast that consisted of some of the most popular and greatest Hollywood stars ever. She played in the comedy “Valentine’s Day” and therefore remained true to her love of romantic roles with a sense of humor. Julia had already completed the shooting for the drama comedy “Eat, Pray, Love,” which was also very successful internationally. Converted this played Film a good 180 million euros at the international box office, making it one of the absolute highlights of Julia Roberts’ career. Here, too, of course, Pretty Woman was to be seen again as the main actress and involved in a wonderful film romance based on a true story. The next love film called “Larry Crowne” was shot by Roberts in 2010.

Many successes as one of the most beautiful people in the world

But Julia is not only extremely successful as an actress. She also has her own production company called Red Om, based on her husband’s last name, Moder. Not only in 1990 and 1991, but also in 2000, 2002, 2005 and 2010, the American People Magazine found that Julia Roberts among the most beautiful people in the world heard. So this woman just becomes more attractive with age. In England, too, Julia Roberts was named one of the 100 greatest film stars of all time in 1997. The acting talent seems to run in the family of the Roberts, by the way. Because Julia’s niece, Emma Roberts, is particularly successful as an actress in the USA.

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