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The net worth of singer Sarah Connor

How much money does Sarah Connor have?

After Nena, Sarah Connor is probably one of the female German pop stars par excellence. Because while the singer was able to draw attention to herself in the past mainly with English-language soul and pop music, her German-language album “Mutterssprache” hit like a bomb in 2015. The so far last album “Herz Kraft Werke”, released in 2019, was a complete success. In the future, the singer will also be on the jury of “The Voice of Germany”, alongside Mark Forster and Nico Santos, among others. According to insider circles, the fee for this could even be 7 digits.

Merit of Sarah Connor
In addition, of course, there are also merits with concerts and merchandise items. Sarah Connor collects around 100,000 euros per appearance. The last album number 1 in Germany was ten years ago. “Naughty but Nice” was the last album by the soulful singer, which in 2005 topped the charts in Germany. For 15 years the singer has consistently made good earnings. With such a success, that is also valued Sarah Connor net worth 25 million euros no surprise.

Sarah Connor’s successful career

Overall, Sarah was so successful with her eight albums by 2015 that her fortune has grown steadily. Her small extended family, which now consists of two daughters, two sons and friend and manager Florian Fischer, can support the singer with her golden goblet voice. Her time-out, which she allows herself to love her family, will not change that. The fact that the international music world has also taken notice of Sarah Connor became apparent early on. In 2004 she was able to take home a very special award at the World Music Award. It was called “Best Selling German Artist” honored. From Pop ECHO to Comet, Bravo Otto and the Golden Camera to the German TV Prize, the Hamburg native has won a lot of prestigious awards. The seven million records she has sold also prove that Sarah Connor is apparently not in a position to be musically wrong.

native language

With her mother tongue, Sarah Connor was able to earn around 365,000 euros in 2015, and in 2016 she earned around 735,000 euros. Not only in Germany, but also in Switzerland, it made it to number 1 in the charts, and in this country it was able to achieve very good chart placements for 111 weeks. The album went platinum three times and sold a million copies. Musicians usually get 1 euro for each sound carrier sold – so they made one with it Profit of one million euros.

In May 2019 the album “Herz Kraft Werke” went on sale and immediately entered the charts at number 1.

Sarah & Marc Terenzi

Sarah Connor's fortune
In the meantime it has become rather quiet about Sarah Connor’s private life. That may also have something to do with friend Florian. Because even during the Marriage to Marc Terenzi, an American singer, Sarah let the public share much more of her private happiness. And also very effective on TV. In 2004 the two married civilly. A year later their life together could be seen on television. The docu-soap “Sarah & Marc in Love” was broadcast on ProSieben. The couple’s son also appeared in the nine TV episodes. Above all, however, it was about the pompous wedding ceremony in Spain. This turned out to be a kind of church wedding and was staged on a large scale for television. For Sarah & Marc in Love, the two received a six-figure fee.

Their son Tyler Marc Terenzi, who was born in 2004, was followed by a daughter in 2006. Summer Antonia Terenzi was unfortunately born with a heart defect. The fear for her child, which the singer experienced in this context, was also incorporated into her music. Whether the pressure got too big or that Relationship with Marc to others Hardships brokeis not exactly known. However, in 2008 the couple separated. The divorce took place in 2010. Marc Terenzi was not as successful as his ex after the separation, about the jungle king 2017 even it became known that he was in debt and is in personal bankruptcy.

Sarah Connor and Florian Fischer

Fee from Sarah Connor
In the same year Sarah made hers too new relationship with Florian Fischer publicly. The new man at the singer’s side is by no means a blank slate in the music world. After all, he was once a member of The Boyz, a boy group. Now he’s not only become Sarah’s lover, but continues to appear as her manager. The Berliner-by-choice also has a daughter, Delphine Malou Fischer, with Florian. Their son, Jax Llewyn Fischer, followed on January 17, 2017.

So far, however, the wedding bells have not ringed for the couple. In any case, it is uncertain whether a second marriage will ever take place. After all, Sarah herself is a child of divorce. At least Sarah’s mother dared a second attempt. Sarah Connor’s step-siblings, the twins born in 2008, also emerged from her second marriage to a doctor. Sarah also has five biological siblings. This not only includes Lulu Lewe, who made headlines with her own music career. Rather, the rapper Bushido is even Sarah’s brother-in-law. The successful singer owes this to her sister Anna-Maria Ferchichi. Overall, one Musician family, maybe Sarah Connor’s four children will follow in her musical footsteps. With the gigantic fortune of around 25 million euros, however, they have provided for it anyway.

Commitment to charitable causes

Not only her family knows that Sarah Connor has a big heart. Because despite all her wealth, the singer has been committed to a good cause over and over again in the course of her career. In May 2014, for example, she worked closely with the German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS). As part of the “World Blood Cancer Day” campaign, she appeared as DKMS patron in order to win new stem cell donors. But the German artist went one step further in terms of her charitable commitment. In 2015 she offered a Syrian mother and her five children a home for six months. In 2016 she also contributed a charity song to the RTL donation marathon and thus part of her income. A wonderful Singer who has a really big heart and also gives up parts of their property.

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