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Born in Mannheim in 1971, Xavier Kurt Naidoo gained his first musical experience in the church choir, where he was a staunch member of a gospel choir, later he joined the regional band “Just for Music”, which was comparatively well-known at the time. For a short time he went to the USA, where he used the stage name cobra his first solo album, Seeing is believing, published. Then he was in the musicals in 1995 and 1998 Human Pacific and People Richard Geppert performed over 100 times in Mannheim and Hockenheim as the main actor on stage and showed his acting talent to the best. In the meantime, Xavier Naidoo has become an integral part of the German music scene. He owns a estimated fortune of 15 million euros.

DSDS jury 2019 + 2020

at Germany seeks the superstar Xavier Naidoo was already on the jury in 2019. At the side of Dieter Bohlen, Pietro Lombardi and Oana Nechiti, he judged the candidates in the 16th season of the successful RTL format. The fee for this was over 100,000 euros. Since the jury was well received by the audience, no changes were made in the DSDS 2020 edition. Due to a racism scandal because of a lyrics from 2018, the RTL singer was kicked out of the DSDS jury in 2020 and replaced by Florian Silbereisen. Naidoo rejected these allegations, but did not comment in a video, as requested by RTL.

DSDS jury 2019

Xavier Naidoo: From window cleaner to millionaire

Xavier Naidoo is one of the artists who knows how to work his way up, because according to an n tv interview, his career began as a window cleaner. Naidoo attended secondary school, after secondary school he started training as a chef, in the following time he worked as a model, as a bouncer and later as a background singer, before he finally decided to take the path of the solo artist and so on slowly his solo career got rolling until he was finally discovered in 1994. The first major success was not long in coming and so the single “Freisein” with Sabrina Setlur became a big hit. In 1997 his first album “Not of this world” followed, which was sold over 1 million times and his music reached such a large mass. Other albums reached number 1 in the German album charts, and all of his productions are comparably successful. Overall, Xavier Naidoo has over in his career 4.5 million records sold.

Income from Xavier Naidoo
His songs are very popular in German-speaking countries, the lyrics are profound and religious. With his 10 studio albums and 5 live albums, the musician has already won many prizes. For example the Bambi, the Echo Pop, the MTV Europe Music Awards, the German TV Award and many more. at The Voice of Germany Xavier Naidoo has already been a member of the jury twice Sing my song – The Swap Concert he is the host of the music show. After three successful seasons of the television format on VOX, Xavier Naidoo is ceasing to host in 2017 Sing my song continued with new artists.

Of course, with these ongoing businesses, there are ongoing financial gains with success. And Xavier Naidoo is very successful in many different areas – whether as a solo artist, as a co-founder and member of the band “Söhne Mannheims”, with his own record label, as a co-founder and director of the “Mannheimer Popakademie” or as a member of the jury for TV Broadcast “The Voice of Germany”. The talented singer has become Assets of an estimated 15 million euros well deserved.

Xavier Naidoo also has enormous business skills throughout his career, so he is one of the artists who invest carefully in order to increase their wealth. Xavier Naidoo invests in further success in the form of publications, real estate or other profitable projects. His latest project, for example, is a media park for music and film productions in cooperation with his producer from Mannheim.

Top songs with Christian messages

Xavier Naidoo net worth
His music often contains religious influences, so he often sings about the themes of charity, apocalypse, sins and penance and peace through faith. He is privately convinced that he is living in some kind of end times and that there is a Bible code for it that can predict future events. In interviews in the past, he said that he identified his hometown Mannheim as the new Jerusalem, and that he saw it as his calling, in his Music to spread a Christian message.

Naidoo is also politically active from time to time, for example in 2011 he filed criminal charges for high treason against, in his opinion, those who were responsible for the financial crisis from 2007 onwards. Among these people were, for example, the then Federal President Horst Köhler and other members of the government – but his undertaking was unsuccessful. He often said in public that the German people were not a free one because the Two-Plus-Four Treaty was not a valid peace treaty and thus made Germany an occupied country. As a consequence of this, in the past he has repeatedly been accused of mixing up conspiracy theories, a certain hostility towards democracy, anti-capitalism and all sorts of similar anti-capitalist thoughts.

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