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The net worth of Sunnyboy Zac Efron

How rich is Zac Efron?

Former Disney Sunnyboy, Zac Efron, has a cherished one Assets of 20.5 million euros. He could have a more lucrative career as a Hollywood actor in the future. With “Baywatch” the former beach boy showed what a great body he has. But that he also has what it takes to be a serial killer, the actor and singer proves in a psychological thriller called “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.” So we can be curious about which roles Zachary will be cast in the future. After all, he is said to have murdered 30 women in this strip. To show himself from a completely different side seems to have been a lot of fun for the actor, who owes his breakthrough to the Disney “High School Musical”.

Zac Efron's fees
The private happiness that “High School Musical” had once brought him wasn’t long-lasting. In the past, Zac dated his co-star, the equally famous Vanessa Hudgens. But this relationship has long since broken up. Unfortunately, Zac’s washboard abs didn’t help either. Incidentally, he was also able to celebrate his greatest music hits during his time at Disney, with the artist now mainly concentrating on the acting business. There seems to be after all the big money waiting for him.

Headlines about the supposedly innocent beach boy

Zac Efron has also made some headlines privately that let him get away from his clean image. In 2013 he had to resign due to his Drug and alcohol addiction for example, seek professional treatment. In the same year, a few months later, he fell so badly that he broke his jaw. He made headlines again in 2014 when the actor fought a homeless man. However, there was no arrest, as it was assumed that both men were to blame for the fight. His last official relationship was also a while ago. The film actor was in a relationship with model and entrepreneur Sami Miró from 2014 to 2016, before this relationship also broke up.

A steep career on the big screen

Like so many other artists before him, Zac Efron took advantage of it Disney platformin order to position himself as a serious actor who is allowed to take part in ever larger productions. Zachary David Alexander Efron was first seen on TV and not in the cinema. Before joining Disney, he starred in two cult series that are still shown on TV today: “Navy CIS” and “CSI: Miami.”

Zac Efron's fortune
After his career had only really started in 2006, Zachary was one of the ones in 2008, according to Forbes Magazine highest paid young actors in Hollywood. From summer 2007 to summer 2008 he is said to have raised at least 15 million euros. It could even have been fees of up to 19.5 million euros that flowed into the account of the young star during this time. It is all the more astonishing that the American has not yet been able to amass a large fortune. However, one must also bear in mind that taxes still have to be paid for the fees. In addition, Zac also indulged in the one or the other and also spent his fees. Incidentally, only these young celebrities have earned more money at the same time:

Even though Zac Efron was on stage with Beyoncé at the Academy Awards in 2009 to present a medley of the best musical hits, the Californian born has refused any offers for his own record deal. Though he can sing like a gold goblet Zac would rather be successful as an actor. The list of series and films in which Zac has already appeared is correspondingly long. “Happy New Year,” “Baywatch” and “Hairspray” are just a few of his big hits.

Awards for Zac Efron

Despite all his successes, the Californian should be upset that he has not yet been able to take home a major film award. Even though he has already bagged several Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards and between 2006 and 2011 won at least one award and often even several prizes, the Leading Men in Hollywood can only smile at this wearily. After all, an Oscar or a Golden Globe is the greatest thing for a serious actor. After all, Zac Efron was able to win the People’s Choice Award in 2011 as “Favorite Movie Star under 25“(Favorite movie star under 25) to take home. However, that alone does not seem to be enough for the American, since he is clearly tinkering with a reorientation of his film career.

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