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The Pupa and The Nerdy and Vice Versa 2021: Who They Are, Names, Couples and Eliminations

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The Pupa and The Nerdy and Vice Versa 2021: Who They Are, Names, Couples and Eliminations

The Pupa and the Bucket and Vice Versa 2021 edition, the famous Mediaset docu-reality, starts on January 21 on italia 1. The Game Show has made famous former competitors such as Mariano Catanzaro, Lorenzo De Lauretis, Martina Fusco, Stella Manente, Raffaele Mazzoni (called “The Count”) Elena Morali and the pupa par excellence or Francesca Cipriani. The first episode will be broadcast in the very early evening on Italia Uno on January 21st. Also in this edition, as well as last year, there will be not only the pupae and the nerds but also the “vice versa” or pupi and nerd. However, this edition appears to be full of interesting news, starting right from the location. In fact, it is certain that the program is centered on a different structure, that is a spectacular villa located at the gates of the city ​​of Rome.

The protagonist couples will have to try their hand at various tests of logic, ingenuity, courage and much more. Furthermore, all competitors at the end of each week are required to face an arduous challenge or a real question. The prize pool for the winning couple is 20 thousand euros.


The winning couple of the La pupa and the Nerdy 2021 program is the one formed by Myriea and Marini. Guidi and Stephanie are classified in second place, Linda and Pisano in third place and Gianluca and Orazi in fourth place.

The Cast and Couples of La Pupa and the Nerdy and Vice Versa

The pupa and the nerd and vice versa 2021 is a program that has as its protagonist the eternal challenge between beauty and intelligence, there is not much information about couples. We know with certainty that there will be well eight pairs: 3 nerd and 3 puppets for the vice versa, 5 pupae and 5 nerds for the classic. Each week each couple will be tested and the one with the lowest score will be required to leave the program.


  • Orazi and Gianluca
  • Linda and Pisano
  • Mattia and Gandini – The couple is Eliminated at the first episode
  • Matteo and Hafdaoui – The couple is Eliminated in the third episode
  • Bartozzi and Laura The couple is eliminated on the second bet
  • Jessica and De Santis The couple is eliminated on the fourth bet
  • Guidi and Stephanie
  • Marini and Miryea
  • Manuel and Paolella – Enter the game at the 3rd episode – The couple is eliminated in the fifth episode (in the semifinal)

In the third episode of February 4th enters a new baby that wreaks havoc in couples with nerds. Guidi and Stephanie finally kiss and confirm their mutual interest. Interest is also emerging between De Santis and Orazi.

In the fourth episode of 11 February we will see new important news.

Who Are The Pupas?

The pupae of the 2021 edition of La Pupa, the Nerdy and Viceversa are:

  • Jessica Bucci: she is a girl originally from Turin who works as a saleswoman in a shop. She is not an influencer but has worked as a model. On her Instagram profile she defines herself moody and chaotic.
  • Laura Antonelli is an influencer from Rome, on her Instagram profile she boasts more than 50 thousand followers and in addition to sharing shots of daily life Laura also provides training videos to strengthen the different muscle groups to her followers. Fit Influencer and runner-up to Miss Pomezia. He participated in a music video of Davide Shorty next competitor of Sanremo Giovani 2021.
  • Lina Taddei she is 20 years old and originally from Ferrara. Lina was one of the three finalists of Miss World Italy in 2019. The girl said on this occasion that she graduated from the hotel and is studying at the University in the Biotechnology faculty of Ferrara. She defines herself as a great sportswoman and has been a canoe kayak champion.
  • Miryea Stable, ambassador of Milano_Fit, is 23 years old and was the protagonist of an episode of Ciao Darwin in the “beautiful” team in spring 2020. Myrea boasts other participations in programs such as Take Me Out, Furore and Guess My Age. In his CV also a participation as an umbrella in the world of motors.
  • Stephanie Bellarte: as you can see in her Instagram profile where she boasts just over 3 thousand followers, Stephanie ‘was Miss Intercontinental Italy and among the top 10 of Miss World. She also won Miss Stella del mare in 2017. The girl is 19 years old and originally from Pavia.

Who are the puppets?

The puppets that make up the pairs of Viceversa are 3, all already known to the general public for their participation in some programs:

  • Gianluca Tornese: former suitor of Men and Women first in 2015 with Valentina Dallari and then in 2017 by Nilufar Addati, he is 28 years old and of the sign of Pisces and is originally from Naples. He is engaged to a girl named Francesca.
  • Matteo Diamante he participated in Men and Women as a suitor of Sabrina Ghio and in other programs including Ex On The Beach 2020. Gym lover is 31 years old and is originally from Genoa.
  • Mattia Garufi is originally from Milan, is a former participant of Ex On The Beach where his ex Lucrezia was. He defines himself dynamite: if you don’t bother him he’s fine but if you turn it on he explodes.
  • Manuel Amati comes into play at the third episode. The boy in life from the baker and the stripper.

Who Are the Geeks?

The Nerds of La Pupa, Il Secchione and Viceversa are 5.

  • Alberto Bartozzi originally from Ancona, he is 28 years old. His specialty is logic: he founded the blog Logica Test and is an expert on the subject, so much so that he travels around Italy taking courses and preparing children for the Medicine test. He himself took the test and passed it but decided not to enroll in the faculty. In the past he has also written in some magazines
  • Alessio Guidi he is one of the youngest: he is only 20 years old and comes from Prato but he already has a super nerd head. In fact, he speaks three languages ​​and attends the Faculty of Economics and Commerce in Parma. He considers himself elegant, refined and a little snobbish. He wants to use his knowledge and intelligence to make money! His way of doing it leads him to seem older by having the attitudes of a gentleman by now lost.
  • Andrea De Santis he is 23 years old and comes from Cosenza. He is a lover of archives, books and study and his whole life has so far been devoted to knowledge. His great passion are trains, in fact he also dedicated his degree thesis to them. He hasn’t had many experiences in the sentimental field, adding up the duration of his stories to just three months! He lives in Florence but loves Calabria, his homeland. In the program he approaches the nerd Orazi.
  • Luca Marini he is 20 years old and comes from the province of Ferrara. The boy is still a virgin, in fact he has only given one kiss to mold in his life. His being upright makes him proud, his life so far has been dedicated to the study and dance of which he is deeply passionate. His way of doing things is extremely elegant, he loves to speak well, he has already written two books and at the age of 10 he had already won a poetry contest!
  • Matteo Pisano he is originally from Savona, he is 24 years old and is a physics researcher. Graduated with 110 cum laude, he is also rather stingy and likes to spend little. His reports for now have been solely and exclusively via the web! He has already had a few appearances on TV and currently lives in Portugal where he is completing his PhD.

Who Are The Nerds?

The Nerds that make up the pairs of Viceversa are three.

  • Giulia Orazi is a veterinarian originally from Perugia. She is 27 years old and quickly graduated at the age of 24 and then did an internship and later specialization. He loves studying and believes that culture and knowledge make you free. In the house she is courted by the geek De Santis.
  • Sara Hafdaoui is the one who seems the least nerd of all but appearances can be deceiving: specializing in medicine (medical genetics to be exact), she is originally from Rome and is 24 years old. She is a convinced feminist, she fights for women’s rights and her dream is to establish herself in research and dissemination (her idol in fact is Alberto Angela!).
  • Paolella the nerd comes into play in the third episode. She graduated in civil engineering and is currently majoring in plumbing.
  • Silvia Gandini is 28 years old, she is from Varese. Her extremely severe and rigid behavior led her to a life of hard work and 5 completed academic courses: in fact, Silvia is a physiotherapist, nutritionist, osteopath and is finishing her degree in Physical Activity Sciences. Her being multi tasking leads her to be the perfect person to follow an athlete at 360 degrees in every phase of his sporting path.

The host of La Pupa and the Nerdy 2021

There are also news regarding the conductor of the new edition of the program, this year in fact there will not be Paolo Ruffini at the helm, but the comedian colleague Andrea Pucci. The latter, however, will not be alone, in fact there will also be the first winner of the program to help him Francesca Cipriani. Among the protagonists of this edition there is also the famous professor Diego Verdegiglio. In fact, it will be he who will preside over the questions of general culture to which couples will submit from time to time. Professor Diego will therefore have the task of filling the role that in previous editions was covered by Vittorio Sgarbi, while in the last edition he was covered by various celebrities such as Alessandro Cecchi Paone and Alessandra Mussolini. Among the recurring guests Cristiano Malgioglio and Francesca Barra.


La Pupa, Il secchione and Viceversa 2021 is broadcast live on Canale 5 every Thursday at 9.20 pm; live streaming on Mediaset Play (accessible from mobile phones, PCs, tablets and smart TVs) and in replica on demand always on mediaset play starting the morning following the broadcast.

When it starts

There Pupa and the Nerdy 2021 and vice versa starts Thursday 21 January 2021. The program will go on for six episodes.

Article by Gerardo Attanasio

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