The trends and techniques shaping the future of film

Emerging trends of any industry have profound impacts. They create the setting of a particular time and social set-up and spurs innovation which is carried into the future. In the very creative and robust film industry, innovation and trends are building a distinctive impact, a look, sound, and feel for the art and films wanted by today’s public. With rapid technological advancements, these trends are also shaping and welcoming newer ways of thinking and application of filmmaking.

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Netflix Production Budgets

Netflix’s production budget is quite interesting in this regard. Netflix as a brand spent $6 billion in producing original TV series and films (2017), and this budget expanded to $8 billion by 2018. In recent times, tv-series are currently replacing cinemas as the more popular medium for watching content, and that’s also possible because the widely available 4K digital screens provide an excellent and clear visual experience which is no different or worse than many movie theaters.  What is more is that television is doing a more successful job of tapping into the pop culture more than films, which is partly because TV shows have production cycles that are shorter and are more responsive to the cultural aspect. Netflix’s humongous budget is another reason behind this. With more than 700 series produced alone in 2018, creative filmmakers are also availing better opportunities to take more creative chances.

The Role of Crowdfunding

In recent years, crowdfunding has also become a big source of funding for films. For instance, the Veronica Mars film crossed the 7-million-dollar mark via crowdfunding and is one of the two crowdfunded projects to have ever crossed the $5 million mark. The JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act in the United States established in 2012 allows securities to be sold through crowdfunding which allows these crowd funders to not only contribute to these projects but also invest in them.

Conversational Shifts: Social Commentary, Diversity and Real-Life Events

With a shift in social perceptions, the content of films is also changing and reflecting more of the social milieu it represents. There has been a push from the audience for better representation in the cinema world, that of human diversity and different viewpoints. This resulted in the production of more films with characters of color, disability, and more women coming to the forefront. Online options not only make films more accessible but also build a genuine connection between content and the audience. Such connections ensure that audiences enjoy a richer storytelling experience with which they interpret their circumstances and find a common vocabulary to address cultural experiences.

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