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The Weeknd: Net Worth of the Singer

How rich is The Weeknd?

The Weeknd – this pseudonym hides Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, son of Ethiopian immigrants. Born and raised in Canada, he came into contact with all kinds of musical styles in his grandmother’s house. Soon his love was exclusively for R&B music. The YouTube videos recorded with rapper Drake ensured that The Weeknd was introduced to a wider audience. From then on things went uphill and the musician’s path to success is paved with awards such as three Grammys, eight Billboard Music Awards, nine Juno Awards and an Oscar nomination. The singer was also in the headlines with his relationships with Selena Gomez and eternal on-off with Bella Hadid. The cherished The Weeknd’s net worth is 85 million euros.

R&B instead of school

Income from The Weeknd
Dropping out of school and making a living from music is a dream for many teenagers, but The Weeknd pulled it off too. This is where his artist name comes from – Run away in a weekend and never come back.

Like many young people around him, he came into contact with drugs at a very early age. What began with smoking marijuana at the age of eleven quickly led to ecstasy and cocaine addiction. In order to finance this, he was partly involved in criminal activities, as he later admitted. Still he lost His goal of becoming known as a musician is not out of sight. He first worked with a producer named Jeremy Rose three years after dropping out of school.

The songs produced by Rose, to which The Weeknd rapped, were posted online on YouTube in order to attract a broad audience. His three mixtapes, which were created in 2011, were even offered for free download at the time. It was like that too Rapper Drake noticed The Weeknd and a collaboration developed.

From high school dropout to Grammy winner

The Weeknd performed at the joint tour as an opening act for Drake and aroused the interest of various record labels. Rapper Drake gave The Weeknd an ideal stepping stone to successfully launch their career. In 2012 the singer released the compilation Triology, which contained the mixtapes and a few new tracks. The compilation hit like a rocket, reaching double platinum in Canada and platinum in the US.

The first studio album followed in 2013 Kiss land, which reached number two on the album charts in the USA and Canada. The next few years were filled with one full tour calendar at the side of stars like Justin Timberlake or Ariana Grande.

The album followed in 2015 Beauty behind the madness, which went over the counter 412,000 times in the first week after the release. In 2016 he published Starboy, with which he could also reach the top of the chart. In that year, the Oscar nomination for the single took place Earned itwhich in the movie Fifty shades of gray could be heard and has been sold around five million times.

Records and awards – The Weeknd is off to a flying start

Credit to The Weeknd
In 2017 he broke the Guinness World Record for the most streamed album within a year on Spotify. the single Blinding lights was used for a Mercedes Benz commercial in 2019 and The Weeknd reached number one in the charts in Germany for the first time.

From June 2017 to June 2018, The Weeknd scored around 70 million euros gross earnings. After that, he earned a whopping 32 million euros gross until June 2019. In 2019, he treated himself to a penthouse in Los Angeles with a view of the Beverly Hills Country Club for just under 17 million euros. He sold another property in Hidden Hills, California in June 2020 for $ 21 million. In his garage are luxury cars worth 1.7 million euros, including a hybrid Mclaren P1, which is limited to 375 units.

Promotional deals

In addition to music, there is also a partnership with the sporting goods manufacturer Puma, for which he acts as a brand ambassador. The Weeknd is one of the “faces” of Apple Music. He ended the advertising deal with H&M because they shared an allegedly racist photo. But he also has promotional deals with a condom manufacturer and an e-cigarette company, as well as a collaboration with Marvel. There is also a deal with Mercedes-Benz, The Weekend is the face in their global EQC campaign. The advertising revenue increases the singer’s fortune even further. The musician also owns Shares in the esports company OverActive Media Group. The musician is active in the fashion business, he sells his own “XO” branded articles.

Performing on the Super Bowl Halftime Show is arguably every musician’s dream that is now coming true for The Weeknd. On February 7th, 2021 The Weeknd rocking Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The Super Bowl is the highlight of the NFL, tens of millions of viewers around the world watch the biggest sporting event of the year on television and can enjoy The Weeknd’s appearance on the Halftime Show in 2021. The Weeknd commented, “You can only dream of being in this position. I feel honored to be humbly and excitedly at the center of this famous stage. “

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