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Theo Albrecht, Jr .: The assets of the Aldi entrepreneur

How rich is Theo Albrecht Jr.

Theo Albrecht Jr. is one of the ten richest people in Germany. In the ranking of the world’s richest people, the German can even be found in the top 50. It is therefore all the more astonishing that the billionaire’s exact birthday is not even known. After all, he is considered to be extremely public shy. There is only one photo of him in the media, which is already a bit older. In this photo, Theo Albrecht Jr. is standing in front of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle from the 126 series. However, there are no TV recordings. Almost nothing is known about his family either; the entrepreneur keeps his life very private. The cherished Theo Albrecht Jr.’s net worth is € 18.91 billion.

The public-shy Theo Albrecht Jr.

Fortune of Theo Albrecht Jr. and Aldi
The only interview that the extremely wealthy entrepreneur has given so far was published in the summer of 2016 in the Handelsblatt. No further information is publicly known about his daughter and wife. This is what the father of the family is about only member of the Albrechts family who is still actively involved in the Aldi discounter. After all, it is usually only managers who do not come from the circle of the family who now run Aldi-Nord and Aldi-Süd.

The eldest son of the Aldi-Nord founder, Theo Albrecht, graduated from high school in 1969 and then went to Switzerland to study economics. He graduated from the University of Innsbruck with a degree in business administration in 1980. Since then he has spent his entire career at the discounter Aldi-Nord. From 1982 he appears at the group as a member of the board of directors. At Trader Joe’s, the US food retail chain, Theo Junior now has his fingers in the game via the Markus Foundation. He also owns Hutha Holding GmbH, so he doesn’t have to worry about his future financial livelihood.

Legal dispute with Babette Albrecht

Net worth of Theo Albrecht Jr.
Since Theo Albrecht Jr. generally stays away from the limelight, there is hardly anything to report about his life and career. However, the legal battle with his sister-in-law, Babette Albrecht, ensures that the billionaire entrepreneur has to appear in public more often than he would probably like. Together with his mother, Theo Albrecht Junior accuses the family line of his sister-in-law Babette Albrecht, that the family wanted to draw too high sums of money from the Aldi-Nord company. The other side is of course of the opinion that this is not the case.

The sister-in-law argues that it goes without saying that she and her family are also interested in actively promoting positive corporate development. In addition, the lifestyle that you indulge in cannot be described as inappropriate. At the same time, Theo Albrecht Jr. and his mother Cäcilia were blackened for their malicious statements, which could hardly be surpassed. The entrepreneur and his mother are really only interested in to usurp even more power, so the charge. Theo Junior should simply want to disembark the family of his now deceased brother.

Income of Theo Albrecht Jr.
The fact that a lot is at stake should also be clear to all uninvolved viewers in view of these very clear words. Specifically, it’s about Jakobus Foundation, which includes important company shares in Aldi-Nord and the US company Trader Joe’s. This is only one of three foundations that will decide the future of the Aldi Group. There is also the Markus and Lukas Foundation. Important corporate decisions can only be made if all three foundations agree to approve them. Such decisions concern, for example, the contract extension of employed top managers or investments in foreign markets. The Jakobus Foundation brings with it the greatest potential for controversy, as even the composition of the board of this foundation is disputed.

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