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These are the 15 highest paid musicians of the last year

As a singer, rapper or DJ earn a proud fortune lets is no secret. Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or Adele, the female stars in particular have now made it to the top. In doing so, Adele has proven, for example, that as a singer you don’t even have to go on tour to earn an insane fortune. After all, a tour like this, along with CD sales and music downloads, is by no means the only source of income for the stars. So who was among the 15 highest-paid musicians in the world in 2016? Even if we don’t want to anticipate too much at this point, we can already reveal that there is a very clear number 1, which puts our number 2 in the shade with a 1.5 times higher annual income.

Top 15 Highest Paid Stars in the Music Business of the Last Year

15th Beyoncé: 48 million euros in income

Beyonce fortune
Beyoncé Knowles occupied with 48 million euros annual earnings 15th place on our list. The singer has been successful in the music business for a very long time and can now look to a considerable fortune of 450 million euros. Beyoncé has been married to rapper Jay-Z since 2008, and the two also have a daughter together. The singer doesn’t just make her living from her music. A good part of their income also comes from advertising money. She already advertised the greats Emporio Armani, Pepsi and L’Oréal. The musician was also able to earn a lot with her own perfume in cooperation with Tommy Hilfiger. Beyoncé also supports charitable causes and uses her large fortune for charity.

14th The Weeknd: € 49 million gage in 2016

The Weeknd is the artist name of Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, who was born in Toronto in 1990. The Canadian earned a living as an R’n’B musician last year an impressive 49 million euros. This puts him in 14th place among the best-paid musicians in 2016. He became known through his collaboration with rapper Drake and his publications on YouTube.

14th U2: Annual earnings 49 million euros

2016 was another good year for the band around Bono. U2 is allowed to use a Fee of 49 million euros look forward to last year. The Irish rock band was formed in Dublin in 1976 and can look back on many successes. These successes continue, after all, U2 is one of the most popular bands in the world. U2 scores countless number one hits and is also committed to social and political projects.

13th Kenny Chesney: 50 million euros in income

Kenny Chesney shares 13th highest paid musician with Justin Bieber. The two are allowed to go to one Annual income of 50 million euros Looking back proudly on the past year. Chesney is an American country singer and songwriter. He’s had more than 30 top ten singles on the Billboard Country Charts.

13th Justin Bieber: 50 million euros in annual income

Justin Bieber net worth

With a a whopping annual salary of 50 million euros Justin Bieber secured 13th place. The young singer was born in 1994 and made it into the music business at the age of 13. In 2008 he got his first contract and in 2009 he released his single “One Time”. Since then, his career has skyrocketed and he has hit the charts one after another. Justin Bieber can also look forward to a large fan base, especially young people adore him. At this young age, he already manages a fortune of 260 million euros. That will certainly continue to grow, the musician lands one success after the other. The star is also marketed well online, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co.

12th Paul McCartney: 50.2 million euros annual salary

Sir Paul McCartney fortune
The Beatles singer was ranked 12th among the best-paid musicians in 2016. With Income of 50.2 million euros Paul McCartney had a good year. Compared to his incredible fortune of 910 million euros, the annual income in 2016 looks rather low. He is not only very successful as a singer, but also as a songwriter. Most of the Beatles’ hits come from Paul’s pen. McCartney was very successful not only with the Beatles but also as a solo artist. In addition, he is committed to charitable causes and also uses his huge fortune for charity.

11 Bruce Springsteen: € 54 million in income

His nickname “The Boss” originated in the 1970s when he paid his band members their fees in cash after the performances. Bruce Springsteen was born in 1949 and is one of the world’s greatest rock musicians. He has sold 130 million albums around the world, which speaks for itself. He could do one last year Fee of 54 million euros drive in.

10 Diddy: annual earnings of 55 million euros

P. Diddy fortune
Diddy made it to tenth place among the highest paid musicians. With a wage of 55 million euros, 2016 was a successful year for him. The singer’s real name is known as Sean Combs, and he has changed his stage name several times. Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and now he’s just staying with Diddy. Whatever he calls himself, be Assets of 770 million euros is definitely worth mentioning. He doesn’t just get his income from music alone, Diddy founded the successful fashion brand Sean John, which continues to grow his fortune.

9 Calvin Harris: € 56 million in revenue

Calvin Harris tops the list of the richest DJs and is ninth among the highest-paid musicians of 2016. The real name of the DJ from Scotland is Adam Richard Wiles. He plays around 125 gigs a year, which is what he got in 2016 Income of 56 million euros procured. Calvin Harris also writes and produces hits for other stars. For example the successful song “We found love” for Rihanna.

8th Rolling Stones: 59 million euros annual salary

Our ranking would of course not be complete without the Stones. The English rock band was founded in 1962 and is still very successful today. They are one of the longest-lived and most commercially successful groups in rock history. This also proves the 2016 annual salary of 59 million euros. This puts the Rolling Stones in eighth place among the highest-paid musicians of the past year.

7th AC / DC: 60 million euros in revenue

The hard rock band from Australia can already celebrate a long existence. The group was founded in 1973. The album “Highway to Hell” from 1979 is still popular today. The album “Back in Black”, which followed only a little later, is the third best-selling album in the world with over 50 million records sold. A band that can really be proud of their musical achievements. Last year she was with Income of 60 million euros rewarded for it.

6th Garth Brooks: earnings of 62 million euros

Garth Brooks is best known among country fans. The singer and songwriter from America is a very successful musician in modern country music. Since the 90s, the musician gained great popularity, mainly in the USA. His songs are so popular because he mixes rock and pop elements with country sounds and his lyrics often tell of everyday situations in life. This brought him last year a fee of 62 million euros and secures him the sixth place of the highest paid musician.

5 Rihanna: 67 million euros in income

Rihanna's fortune

Rihanna was born in Barbados on February 20, 1988. Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She discovered her love for music early on and founded a school band. Today she ranks fifth among the best-paid musicians of 2016. With income of 67 million euros last year, her fortune continues to grow. Rihanna now has a cherished one Assets of 1.27 billion euros. She has already celebrated great successes and this is sure to continue. With over 100 million records sold, Rihanna can be described as a real superstar in the music business. The singer lives in Los Angeles, but also owns a villa in Barbados so that she can spend enough time with her family.

4th Madonna: 68 million euros gage

Madonna's fortune
Madonna can also look forward to a whopping 68 million euros in earnings last year. This puts Madonna in fourth place among the highest-paid musicians of the previous year. With a proud one Assets of 725 million euros the pop icon lacks nothing. The singer has been on stage for more than 30 years and she is still sure of success. But Madonna also tried her hand at acting and landed quite a few hits in the process. For example with the film Evita. The strip even made it to the most successful musical film of the 90s. Madonna is also still on tour, this creates the high salary for 2016 in addition to the music sales.

3 Adele: EUR 71.5 million annual income in 2016

Adele and her fortune
Now comes a woman who proves to the whole world that there is another way. Because while most musicians would not be as rich as they are now without their tours around the world, Adele earned exactly 0 euros from touring in 2015, for example. After all, the singer did not go on tour in 2015, but preferred to stay at home with her husband and child. In 2016 she went on a European tour, which helped her to earn a lot of money. Of course there are also album sales. Adele now has an esteemed Assets of 175 million euros. This will certainly continue to grow, the pop star has an incredible amount of talent.

2 One Direction: 98 million euros annual salary

The boy group One Direction took second place in our ranking of the highest paid musicians of 2016. The band consists of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson and has been making music history since 2010. It all started back then with her appearance on the casting show The X-Factor. There they took third place and immediately signed a record deal with Sony Music. Last year she had an income of 98 million euros. The earnings came mainly through album sales and tours.

1Taylor Swift: annual earnings of 151 million euros

Taylor Swift Income
Taylor Swift has already shown all of her colleagues in the music biz where to go. While she has made quite a lot from selling her albums, her tour revenues are downright astronomical. The result was an impressive sum of 151 million euros in 2016. So there is hardly an artist in our ranking of the highest paid musicians in 2016 who can keep up with Taylor. The Taylor Swift’s total assets amounting to 340 million euros amounts, has grown noticeably in the past year. Taylor Swift is a real superstar, she has had a sensational career. Her singing career began at the age of 14, when she signed her first record deal. The singer has already been honored with Grammys and other awards and we can look forward to her next albums. With number 1 among the best paid musicians, she is way ahead of other singers and we can be curious to see how much money she will earn in 2017.

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