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This is how much the Star Wars franchise empire is really worth

After the latest Star Wars flick has developed into a groundbreaking box-office hit within a very short time, the cash registers are also ringing properly when the Star Wars fan merchandise is sold. So the value of the Star Wars franchise empire continues to grow and obviously doesn’t seem to know any limits. According to the latest reports, Star Wars is worth an astonishing $ 42 billion. The film and trademark rights to JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and Ian Fleming’s James Bond are not even worth that much together. In the first 10 days alone, the latest Star Wars film, “The Force Awakens,” finally grossed 1 billion US dollars worldwide, which corresponds to over 142 million US dollars in just one day of cinema. Star Wars has been a real cash cow since the first film in 1977, which has made a lot of people very rich in the meantime. In 2012, George Lucas, the genius behind Star Wars, retired and the Sale of Lucasfilm Ltd. to the Walt Disney Company.

Not only film producers and cinema operators benefit from this cash cow. The sales of Star Wars fan articles also show what a resounding success Star Wars really is. In the first year after the appearance of “The Awakening of Power” alone, revenues of at least 458 million US dollars should follow through DVD, Blu-Ray and digital film sales. In addition, Star Wars toys valued at more than $ 12 billion have been sold since 1977. The latest Star Wars movie hit is supposed to boost toy sales by another 5 billion US dollars, so that the licensed items business should turn out to be just as lucrative as the sale of movie tickets.

The more than 100 different Star Wars video games that have appeared in the meantime have generated another 3 billion US dollars in sales. The latest games, “Star Wars: Battlefront” and “Disney Infinity 3.0,” should bring in a further 1.3 billion US dollars. With 42 billion, the Star Wars franchise empire is far more valuable than any other film franchise, which is impressively demonstrated by the following list:

Harrry Potter – $ 25 billion
James Bond – $ 8 billion
Twilight and Lord of the Rings – $ 6 billion each

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