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This is how well Germany’s YouTubers really earn

The fact that you can earn a lot of money with YouTube and do more than just make a living is becoming more and more true in Germany as well. Because now not only the US YouTubers are really big in business, but also the YouTube giants in this country are really royally rewarded for their efforts. Even income of 50,000 euros and more is possible with just one video. The YouTubers are not only rewarded for having as many people as possible watch their videos. Because if the viewers then click on the advertising displayed in the videos, there is an additional bonus for each click. This means that the YouTube giants in Germany can collect an estimated 0.80 to 1.50 euros per 1,000 viewers.

Gronkh fortune

Top earner Gronkh

In order to earn 1,000 euros with YouTube, around one million views are required. Those who do not get at least as many views every month, on the other hand, cannot live from the business with YouTube, but at most secure a lucrative part-time income. If you consider that many of the most popular YouTubers in Germany can boast between 15 and 45 million views per month, then a nice income should come out of it. We estimate that the following German YouTube channels bring in roughly the following income per month:

  1. Gronkh: around 46,500 euros per month
  2. Bibis Beauty Palace: around 45,000 euros per month
  3. The Lochis: almost 20,000 euros per month
  4. Dagi Bee: around 15,000 euros per month
  5. Sami Slimani: around 5,000 euros

Even more income through product placements

But the YouTubers are not only paid for the views. Because you can also receive impressive sums of money from various large corporations for targeted product placements. The companies pay the YouTube stars so that their products can be seen prominently in the videos of Germany’s most popular YouTubers. For these targeted product placements, the YouTubers are even better rewarded. Because between 35 and 85 euros there are 1,000 views each. With a video that is viewed 1 million times, the YouTubers can earn up to 85,000 euros in additional money, so that the product placements have turned out to be extremely lucrative!

More sources of income for YouTubers

But that’s not all. Because many YouTubers are paid very well for appearances on television or at various events. If you also bring your own products onto the market, such as the shower foam from Bibis Beauty Place, which is exclusively available from DM, that also brings a small fortune into the coffers of the YouTubers. More and more YouTubers are also starting their own fan shop and earning nice pocket money on the side. If you add up this income, it is quite conceivable that some of the largest YouTubers in Germany earn more than one million euros per year, even if none of them would admit this voluntarily.

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marie schmidt photography – OTRS-Ticket / Wikimedia Commons [CC-BY-SA 3.0]

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