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How rich is Thomas Gottschalk really?

Thomas Johannes Gottschalk was born on May 18, 1950 in Bamberg. His father, Hans Gottschalk, who came from Upper Silesia, was a lawyer. Together with his wife Rutila, he fled Upper Silesia and finally settled in Bamberg. Thomas Gottschalk has a younger brother named Christoph and a younger sister, Raphaela. As the son of a strictly Catholic family, Gottschalk was an altar boy from an early age. In his spare time, Gottschalk enjoyed working as a local DJ. After graduating from high school, he studied history and German language and literature in Munich. The cherished Thomas Gottschalk’s assets are 90 million euros, of which around 40 million euros go to real estate.

Radio presenter

Thomas Gottschalk net worth
In 1971 Gottschalk started his career as a radio host at Bayern 3. At the end of the 1970s, he was already moderating the radio program “Pop nach Acht” on Bayern 3. At the beginning of the 1980s, however, at the suggestion of Frank Elstner, he went to Radio Luxemburg. Here he quickly became known as “Mister Morning” and moderated the RTL hit parade, among other things. In 1983 Gottschalk went back to Bayerischer Rundfunk and became Head of Bavaria 3. Gottschalk has been married to Thea, 4 years his senior, since 1976. In 1980 the couple adopted their son Tristan. In March 2019 it was announced that the couple separated after 42 years of marriage. With Karina Mroß, Thomas has a new friend at his side who works in controlling at SWR.

TV career and films

Gottschalk’s television career began in 1976 with short music clips and slapsticks. He acted as the presenter of the telecast video games and in the preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest. He even received the Golden Camera for moderating “Thommy’s Pop Show” and “Na sowas!”.

Bet that…?

Gottschalk became famous for his moderation of the program “Bet that…?“, Which he directed from 1994 to 2011, among others together with Michelle Hunziker. On November 7, 2021, the show will make a big comeback for its 40th birthday, but probably only once. Superstars like Helene Fischer, Udo Lindenberg or the band ABBA will attend the anniversary edition.

Alone and together with Mike Krüger, Gottschalk made several successful films and appeared as a producer and voice actor. Today Gottschalk is again working as a presenter for various television and radio stations, including Bayern 3. Gottschalk has received numerous awards, honorary citizenships and prizes, including the Grimme Prize. Thomas Gottschalk is considered to be one of the most colorful personalities on German television.

Salary & advertising deals: That’s how much Thomas Gottschalk earns

Günther Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk

Since taking over the popular entertainment show “Wetten dass…?” From his predecessor Frank Elstner on September 27, 1987, Thomas Gottschalk has been one of the highest-paid stars on the German television landscape. It is known, for example, that he has one per program of “Wetten dass …?” Fee of 100,000 euros a line. He was able to maintain this income level for decades. He moderated a total of 151 programs of “Wetten dass …?”, Which corresponds to income totaling 15.1 million euros over this period, from the moderation of this program alone. Through his participation in the program “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”, Gottschalk won a total of 1.5 million euros, which he donated to the RTL foundation “We Help Children”.

Advertising contracts with Haribo, Walt Disney & Co.

From 1987 Thomas Gottschalk appeared several times in commercials for McDonald’s. He has been the face in Haribo commercials since 1991. Gottschalk also had cooperation and advertising contracts with Walt Disney. Both Haribo and Walt Disney paid him for it, respectively 1.5 million euros. There are also advertising contracts with Deutsche Post AG. In order to bundle his advertising activities professionally, Gottschalk founded the company Dolce Media GmbH in 1999, which he heads. Dolce Media GmbH has already arranged advertising for Günther Jauch, Stefan Raab and Verona Poth, among others. The company, which is based in Munich, also publishes advertising and TV supplements and held the marketing rights for “Wetten dass …?” For several years. In addition to Thomas Gottschalk, Deutsche Post AG is co-owner of the company. Gottschalk’s brother acts as managing director. In its founding year, 1999, Dolce Media GmbH generated sales of 10.5 million euros.

Where does Thomas Gottschalk live?

Thomas Gottschalk merit
In 2004 Thomas Gottschalk acquired Marienfeld Castle in Remagen (8,000 square meters of living space) for a total of 3.5 million euros. He had the building renovated and lived in it until 2012. Then he sold the castle to Frank Asbeck for 6.2 million euros. In spring 2012 it became known that Gottschalk was looking for a villa in Potsdam. The Gottschalks then ended up in Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg, where they rented a luxurious apartment. In addition, the (still) married couple owns an apartment in New York. It remains to be seen who of the two will live in which domicile in the future.

According to “Bunte”, Thomas bought his wife Thea a new luxury villa for 7.75 million US dollars in Malibu after the separation.

Villa in Malibu (burned down in 2018)

The main residence of the Gottschalks was for a long time in Malibu, California. The couple owns a luxurious property there. In 2016 it became known that pop star Miley Cyrus had bought the Gottschalks’ guest house for the equivalent of 2.26 million euros. Since the property borders directly on that of actor Liam Hemsworth, who was in a relationship with the singer at the time, this decision was an obvious one. Thea Gottschalk originally set up the 420 square meter guest house for her two sons, but they had other plans and built their own lives. Unfortunately, the entire property burned down in November 2018 due to forest fires in California. How much the damage is and whether the villa can be rebuilt remains to be seen for the time being.

Gottschalk’s private fortune is estimated at 90 million euros, so he is still ahead of Günther Jauch (estimated private wealth: 55 million euros). Thomas Gottschalk’s fortune roughly corresponds to that of Dieter Bohlen, which is estimated at approximately 135 million euros and which Bohlen himself claims to be greater than that of the former head of Deutsche Bank, Josef Ackermann. The three veterans of German television not only have their reputation the same, but also the great wealth. In contrast to the two, you have to admit that Thomas Gottschalk is the most dazzling television star. The moderator stays true to his motto and is always dressed in an extraordinary way. He always attracts attention!

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