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Thomas Middleditch height and weight are among the most frequently asked questions regarding his personal life. This British actor was born in Nelson, Canada on 10 Mar 1982 and is five feet eleven inches tall. His height is about six feet and eight inches and he weighs about 73 kilograms. His weight is also not available, but it is thought to be around seventy-two kilograms. Besides, his net worth is around $18 million.

Despite his adolescence, Thomas Middleditch is a very successful Canadian actor, screenwriter, and comedian. He has starred in several movies and TV shows. He first came to fame in the TV show Silicon Valley, but has since been working in the American entertainment industry. His films include The Rebound, Splinterheads, The Other Guys, and The Brass Teapot. He is also known for his roles in Silicon Valley, Drunk History, and Solar Opposites.

As a child, Thomas Middleditch was an introverted child. He was picked on a lot in grade eight, and had to endure a lot of bullying. However, a play he performed changed his life. He became a popular kid, and soon he moved to Chicago to study theatre. His parents are very proud of his success as an actor. In 2007, Mollie Middleditch filed for divorce from Middleditch.

After his move to New York, Middleditch’s career exploded. He started appearing in commercials for Verizon, and he also appeared in a MacDonald’s advertisement. In 2009, he made his acting debut in a movie titled ‘Splinter Heads.’ After that, Middleditch went on to appear in numerous productions, including ‘Fun Size’ and ‘The Campaign. In 2013, he married Mollie Gates, and the couple filed for divorce on 28th May 2020.

Among his talents are comedy and acting. He was raised by his parents in Nelson, Canada, and has worked as an odd job during his childhood. In addition to acting, he is a voiceover artist and a screenwriter. As of 2021, he is 5ft eleven inches tall and weighs about 63 kilograms. This is a very high-profile person and one of the best things about him is his humour.

The actor’s height and weight are both impressive. His weight is 73 kilograms, while his height is five feet ten inches. The actor is also extremely tall. His measurements are listed below. His weight is five feet ten inches. He has an athletic build, so he is able to do many things with his height. He weighs seventy-three kilograms. If we compare his weight with his height and weight, it will be surprising to find that the two actors are the same height and weight!

Originally from Nelson, Canada, Thomas Middleditch is a Canadian actor and comedian. He got his big break in the series “The Office.” His first role in an HBO comedy movie was a cameo in “Wolf of Wall Street” with Jonah Hill. During his college years, Thomas was a founding member of the Improvised Shakespeare Company and starred in the hit web series, “Silicon Valley”.

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